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Sixty years ago, on June 25, North Korea marched over the mountains that rim Seoul marking the start of the Korean War. I know this because one of the Korean War veterans staying at our hotel gave me a brief history lesson.

Other lobby excitement includes a guy that came down for breakfast barefoot and in his bathrobe and when I told him he needed to get dressed he yelled at me that he was hungover. Also, a random guy that I’ve never spoken to gave me a folded index card while I was working and told me that he wanted to give me this since he first saw me. I stuck it in my pocket hoping it was a tip. When I got to the storeroom I realized that he gave me his room number, phone number and email address (no name). That went straight into the trash.

I’m also so frustrated with my job that I’m going to ask to change departments. I can’t take it anymore. I stand for 9 hours just saying hello to people because no one lets me do anything. Tags, luggage, maps, etc are taken out of my hands as I’m talking to guests. I think the “straw that broke the camel’s back” is after a guest asked me if I spoke English, I told her yes and she said “oh good, I’m going to come talk to you after I eat.” Well, one of the fellow interns came up to me and asked what she asked me, I told him and his response was “When she comes back, send her to me, you don’t know anything.”

After I got off of work, Kelly, Ryan and I went to a baseball game. Seoul West v. Seoul East aka Tigers v. Bears. After purchasing our tickets, we were confused by the other attendees with grocery bags of food and cases of beer. We asked and you bring your own food! Quick stop at KFC (only choices were KFC or Burger King) and two tallboys of Cass beer and we were set to go in. Chicken, beer and baseball, how American can we be? We had seats along the 3rd base line so we were on the Tiger team by seating location. The game was a lot of fun and really loud because the giveaway was free inflatable “bang sticks.” I found it different that they cheered loudest when their team was up to bat because in the States the stands are quiet while their team is batting. Tigers lost. BOO!
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Street food
Street food
photo by: chiyeh