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Upon getting to the lobby this morning, I thought my day’s excitement would be watching the florist install a new display. I was wrong. It was a morning of missing items but I didn’t feel that either case was handled correctly. First, a French lady lost her wallet and in it her passport. Another employee took down her room number and let her know that we would contact her if it showed up. I thought we should have gone beyond that and tried to replace what we could that was missing. We could have gotten a copy of her passport front pages (with picture) faxed to us, given her directions to the embassy, found out the international phone numbers of her credit cards so she could cancel them, contacted her insurance company and have a temporary card faxed to us, etc. All we did was let her know if it was found that we would contact her.

The second missing item broke my heart. I distraught couple came to the desk to report a missing video camera. It contained the footage of the day before: the first time they met their newly adopted baby girl. I wrote down the couple’s name, room number and details that they were able to give me including color of the taxi, the time they got in the cab and the concierge who put them in the car. I told them that I would do what I could but that I would hand it over to a concierge who spoke Korean. Nothing happened. No calls were made. I was told it was impossible. Can’t you call the taxi cab commission, speak to the concierge who hailed the cab, report the item missing to the local police department, replay the hotel surveillance tapes for the taxi’s plate numbers, etc??? Although this couple may never get this footage back, having someone do something and letting them know that we tried our hardest would have meant a lot more.

After lunch, we were back to work on the loyalty program. I think we have a lot of good ideas but it’s hard to find the facts and figures to back our ideas. We also don’t know how much freedom we have when it comes to asking other employees about their experiences with the program and their difficulties with promoting it.

Finally did laundry too! So exciting!
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photo by: chiyeh