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Today’s morning was just like any other standing in the lobby. I gave directions though… to the bathroom.

Also, after a discussion with Eric, I’ve come to realize that another employee/intern’s rudeness may not be a personal vendetta against me but anger with the hotel about the structure of his internship versus ours. I’m going to kill him with kindness… until he leaves next week. And the new intern already quit! I guess it wasn’t what he signed up for either.

After lunch, we finally started the research part of our internship. We are researching how to increase the enrollment of the hotel loyalty card program. We met with a few staff members who could discuss the card and its benefits with us before we could start with our research of what has worked in the past and what we suggest for the future.

Kelly and I then rode the shuttle to Myeongdong, looked around for a little bit then caught the metro one stop closer and went puppy shopping. I felt so bad for the dogs. There’s an entire street of little dogs in little kennels. You can’t pet them or take pictures of them. Based on their size, they’re not old enough to be away from their mothers yet. It really broke my heart. Please don’t buy from puppy mills!
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photo by: chiyeh