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Bokbunjajoo Black Raspberry Wine... Not good.
Nothing special today so I’ll take this time to discuss West v. East differences that I’ve noticed so far:

Heels v. Hills: All the girls wear heels. All of them. How do they do it?!?! Korea has steep hills! My feet hurt after wearing flats all day. I envy their fashion sense but not how bad their feet/back will be later in life.

Couples dressing alike: A lot of couples wear the same thing when they go out; same shirt or same shirt but in a different color. I also saw one guy in a yellow polo and his girlfriend in a yellow polo dress. The guys also tag-a-long when the girls go shopping on the weekend. They hold the girl’s purchases and purse while she pursues the merchandise. And they wear “couple rings” when they are in a serious relationship… now that makes dating easier!

Forever 21: It’s HUGE… 4 stories of cheap clothes! But not the junk you get at home.
Couple shirts
Good stuff! I bought a silk shirt the other day and love it. I will be back!

Brand consciousness: They are serious about labels. Everything is designer and they want you to know it. Kelly and I sometimes play count the Louis Vuittons while we’re out. They also have a lot of knock-offs you can buy on the street. They’ve even duplicated Victoria’s Secret Pink line with other things and just putting “PINK” on the backside. That line isn’t that expensive to start with!

Kelly’s issues: Kelly wishes she had black hair and a hair net because putting her hair up would be a lot easier. She also misses meeting a lot of cool people and forming relationships with them. She’s having the same problems that I am with the language barrier.

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Bokbunjajoo Black Raspberry Wine..…
Bokbunjajoo Black Raspberry Wine.…
Couple shirts
Couple shirts
Couple shirts, complete with coupl…
Couple shirts, complete with coup…
photo by: chiyeh