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So happy!
It was just another day of standing around the lobby not doing much of anything. In the morning I talked to a group of guys from U.S. Army stationed in Hawaii. They’re here for a conference. They were really nice guys and I enjoyed the break from the monotony of standing there and nodding/bowing to everyone.

After work, Kelly and I headed to Red Mango. MECKA! So yummy!

Another boring day over!

Also, our first weekly intern report is due by midnight. It’s not very exciting but it’s below if you’re bored...

During my past nine days working as a concierge, I have learned a lot about the position and what it entails. I have become abreast of the service standards and the features of the hotel, including food and beverage outlets, residence and structure.

The concierge stand also functions as a bell desk and as such I have learned luggage tag issuing, luggage storage and retrieval, delivering luggage to guests room and bringing luggage to the lobby at check out, hailing taxis for guests, KAL Limousines and Myeongdong shuttle timetables, and umbrella rental procedures.

Functioning as a concierge, I have learned a lot about Seoul and its main attractions and am able to assist guests with basic directions, shopping destinations, historical sites and information about the different areas of the city. I have also learned a lot about the concierge’s interdependence on the other departments in the hotel, such as housekeeping, front desk and security.

The teamwork in the concierge department is excellent. My fellow employees work together to provide the guests with flawless service. However, I sometimes feel that the role of the concierge is compromised by having to function as the bell staff. Sometimes a guest with questions will be kept waiting because the concierges are delivering luggage or away from the desk fulfilling other duties.

Over the past week and a half, I’ve started to reevaluate my desire to work in the hospitality industry. My past experience is in hospitality and event planning but I’m starting to question if this is the path for my future or if a masters degree in business administration would serve my needs better. I hope to leave this internship with a definite answer to this question and a plan to achieve the job I aspire to have.

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So happy!
So happy!
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Yummy Frozen Yogurt
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