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Yesterday: I left work with the lobby manager and a Japanese employee to record the route information for the Myeongdong shuttle bus. It was kind of awkward because I’ve never been in a real sound studio before, in a little padded room. It took us about an hour to get it done then we went back to work. My voice is going to be heard by hundreds each week! I’m famous, kind of! After work, we slaved over our presentation since it was due the next day. Early night.

Tears, anger, awkward laughter and complete shutdown: four different reactions to what we were told about the presentation we were supposed to give today. Kelly and I have spent countless hours outside of work trying to get this thing together. An hour before we were to give the presentation, we were told that it was cancelled and moved to next week and that we should spend our time working on the project. We assumed that we were done with the project so we wasted our time reading the news, watching movies on our laptops and pretended that we were working. Then as we are packing up, 10 minutes after we were supposed to be done for the day, the training manager comes in. He gave us “suggestions” on our project and by suggestions, he changed the entire parameters of the project into something totally different. Now we have 8 hours to change the entire presentation. My reaction was anger. They have my 8 hours tomorrow and I’m DONE. I’m not working on this over the weekend. And to top this with a cherry, he then asked us to do his personal research for his PhD thesis in our “free time!”

Kelly and I needed to vent so we headed out to dinner in Itaewon. We found a row of international restaurants and it was heaven. We settled on a restaurant named Bliss, 2 glasses of wine and pasta dishes. Then we went to Baby Guiness Irish Pub for pints. Yea, finally an Irish pub!
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photo by: chiyeh