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Lobby events: Saw a couple fighting about where they should get married. The guy got so mad that he left and she went running after him. They acted fine when the sales manager arrived. It’s the small things that entertain me when I’m standing in a lobby for 9 hours.

I also met a guy that went to Tulane University in New Orleans. Really nice guy and he now owns and energy drink company and is trying to get his product into the Asian market. He used to work on the President Steamboat as a bartender when he was in college (the president left NOLA in 1985). He also worked as a bartender at the Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar and the Boot in the university area. It was nice to talk to someone who had something in common with me, even if it’s just geographically.

After work, Kelly and I went to go and see “Cookin’ NANTA” at the Myeongdong Theatre. It was amazing. The synopsis is (according to the website): “While the three cooks are busy preparing the vegetables and organizing the kitchen, the manager orders them to prepare the food for a wedding at 6 o’clock in the evening. Not only that, the manager also brings his young nephew and demands that the cooks teach him how to cook and prepare food.”

The show was hilarious! A lot of audience participation. Even though the play has a little bit of dialogue in Korean, it is still easy to understand because of the body language and exaggeration. The main “instruments” used was a knife on a chopping block but they also used pots, pans, dishes, and anything else you would find in a kitchen. I laughed the whole time. I highly recommend this show. (Photos are not mine).
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At the theatre, from our seats, 1s…
At the theatre, from our seats, 1…
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