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When I decided to leave Germany in June 2005, I organized a Farewell Party in one of Hanover´s Irish Pubs.
My plan was to go to Britain first, then to Ireland and then wherever the wind blows me.
The party´s motto was:

So, I went to London first, then to Alcester, where the company Helping Hands is situated. I got this job over the agency CCUSA. I had joined a program to be on the safe side, when leaving my home country for the first time).
After the training for my upcoming job, I had to wait one week for the police check. I used the time to get out of boring Alcester and stayed with a wonderful family near Stratford-Upon-Avon.
I found them on the internet community
(a brilliant community, where people offer free accomodation in return with your hospitality one day).
In this case, the family owned a B&B and offered good prizes for members of the Club.
They took me out to Stratford and showed me around (the lady happened to be a town guide and this made everything really educative for me).
We got along so well and I felt like a part of a family.
Especially when they took me out for nice dinners in good local restaurants...

...or when they showed me the beautiful scenery of the Cotswolds...

When I started my job as a carer I first had to do a few small jobs, until my permanent client would be found. I looked after a woman with Parkinson´s desease, for example, which was really tough. And I got some doubts, if it was the right thing to have chosen as my first job in my program (CCUSA Work Experience UK). But I moved on and found my permantent client. An old lady living in a tiny village in Worcestershire (this village doesn´t even have a shop or a pub, but - as typical for the English - a Garden Center).
I told my agency, that I will probably only do this for a few months and then move on to other parts of the country doing different jobs. Of course, things came different. The money I earned was good, I didn´t have to pay rent or food and had enough time to start studying with the Open University and I could afford a lot of travelling.
The lady was really nice and still in quite good shape. Her daughter and son-in-law happened to have worked in TV production, as myself. And at some point, I had the chance to help out in a little movie production.

I got along well with the family and the people in the village and I grew to be a part of it´s little society.
I felt comfortable and so used my time to think about my past and my future. I found my way to yoga and regular sport, lost 10 kilos of weight, and changed from my natural brunette to blonde.

The village organized a big Halloween pumpkin carving, in which I joined in.

The BBC was broadcasting some of this and I was in the picture for a few seconds.

In November I lost the crown of my tooth and the easiest way was to fly to Germany and let it get fixed there. So I came back for a few days earlier than expected.
On my way there I stayed one night in Birmingham (again free accomodation over Hospitality Club) and decided to dislike this city.

When I came back, I sterted to plan my first holiday. This job is really exhausting, when you are there for some stranger for 24 hours, 7 days a week... an All Inclusive holiday it had to be.
I will tell you about that in the next article (probably just copy-pasting the old version of it)...

travelman727 says:
Great blog! Your writings and photos bring back many happy memories of wandering the Cotswolds and daydreaming about medieval times in Stratford-upon-Avon :-D
Posted on: Jul 02, 2007
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