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Before I will start off to my probably biggest adventure since I left Germany, I would like to reflect on how the situation here in England looks like at the moment.

Yes, the football World Cup 2006 is finally there and the whole world (except the USA apparently...haha) runs wild.
England - as inventor of the game - seems to be its biggest fan (excluding some South American countries probably). One might think, that the World Cup takes place in England this year and not in Germany.
In April already I was puzzled about lots of England flags hanging from houses and in shop windows and I thought there was a big National Holiday coming up, which I didn't know of yet.
After being in Germany then for 10 days I still found these decorations all over when I made my way back. And it took me quite long actually to realized that all of this patriotic display was for the upcoming football event.
Uncountable cars with small flags on their roof tops and house facades with large flags hanging from windows (even Jewelleries don't hold back in spicing up their valuable diamond rings etc. with white and red flags) cross your way anywhere in England.


I don't even start to talk about adverts and spots of any kind on TV. It is simply unbelievable, what's happening over here.


Not just England clothing for adults but for babies and even dogs are to buy everywhere. And I am proud to say, that in spite of my affection towards this country, I didn't buy any England merchandise whatsoever (so far)!
But I dared to attend the first England game at 10th June in a pub in Bromsgrove. The pubs in the town centre were haplessly overcrowded with tricot wearing, red-headed and bold England fans and so I decided to walk to a pub a bit outside. It was nice in there with 20-30 English people watching how Beckham´s men took the first victory against Paraguay.

I should not finish this article without mentioning, that Germany does quite well, too and that one can dare putting out flags as well after the first victory against Costa Rica.
Anyway, much fun to all of you watching and I say good bye till in about 4 weeks after my big summer holiday!
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