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Yeaaahh, what a surprise. Some of you knew about my little adventure but most didn´t! And I will only publish half the story in this blog. :-)
2 or 3 weeks ago I decided to go to Amsterdam to meet a good friend (I´ll call him K.) and that´s what I did.

24/01/2006 -  take off and first day

Luckily I got someone to cover up for me for these few days and so I could leave the house at 12. I flew from Birmingham directly to Amsterdam, took the train to the train station and met K.. We had some tea and brought my backpack to the hotel. After dinner at a Thai restaurant he showed me the famous Amsterdam red light district. Interesting. Different than in Hamburg.
We went to an Absinthe bar and stayed there till midnight. Funny stuff that. Luckily I was more drunk than having hallucinations after 3 and a half glasses... we went back to the hotel to talk for quite a while.

25/01/2006 - hangover and canals

I nearly didn´t sleep at all in that night and had a terrible hangover. Unfortunately K. had to go back to work. Originally we had planned to spend this day together as well. But now I had to explore the city on my own. I thought, the best way to do this is a canal tour.
I was lucky, it was good weather and I could take some pictures and get my first daylight impression of Amsterdam.


I had lunch near the famous flower market but went back to the hotel afterwards. Luckily K. had booked another night for me. And so I recovered from last night and had a lot of sleep.

26/01/2006 - Van Gogh and pubs

I nearly slept through and checked out. I locked my backpack away at the train station and bought a day ticket for the tram. I drove to the Van Gogh museum. It was great to see some of the works of my favourite artist and learn about his history, although my favourite painting "Starry Night" is in New York.
One paining reminded me of two nights before.

Afterwards I just drove around with the tram and watched the streets and buildings. I walked through the streets and had a cider in an Irish Pub.
At 5 I met Lucas, whom I know from the HospitalityClub and at whose boat I was about to stay that night. Lucas is great and we got along immediately. He is going to be a theatre director and a very busy person. We had two beer and chatted in another Irish Pub. He had to go somewhere doing business and so I met Frank (step father of my friend Frauke) at the train station. He is a dentist working in Den Haag and I was glad that he had time to come to Amsterdam to see me. We had dinner and went to meet Lucas again. We went to a bar and afterwards I showed both the Absinthe bar.


I said good bye to Frank and wanted to get my backpack from the station, but the place was closed till 7 in the morning. So I had to get through the night with what I was wearing and I had with me.
We walked to Lucas´ boat. A little swimming home. I was impressed.
Unfortunately the night was very cold and it was clammy in the cabin. The smell of petrol did the rest and so I spent most of the night watching my breath instead of sleeping.

27/01/2006 - and back

I got up at 6 in the morning, got ready and left the boat. I walked along the port before dawn to the train station, took my backpack and the train to the airport. The plane brought me to Birmingham at 10am, I took the train to Redditch and a driver brought me back to Burcot.
And so I was back in my "normal" life!
It´s good to get out for a few days...

This was my first adventure in this year and there are still more to come...
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photo by: pearcetoyou