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Siquijor; isla del fuego(island of fire), isla ng mga mambabarang(island of witches)

When I was planning my trip for the mystical island of Siquijor, everyone thought I was either crazy or I wasn’t really serious. Siquijor is pretty well known for a lot of things, fireflies, unspoiled beaches and of course the mambabarangs (witches and black magic) it’s a place where in every Holy week, Healers, Faith Healers or whatever mystical doctors, quack doctors converge to the island to supposedly recharge their energies.


No plans, no friends, No maps just a pocket full of foolishness I took a plane from Manila to Dumaguete, then when to the port to catch a ferry to Siquijor, communicating with the locals was a bit hard, they hardly speak any English nor Filipino, thus I relied on my sign language, air painting, broken Bisaya and my smile =).


On the ferry I met a group of students who are going home for the weekend, they are students of a well known university in Dumaguete, it was a relief that they are capable of speaking Filipino. I asked a couple of questions; cheapest accommodations, things to do, mambabarang etc.  To my surprise most of the people of Siquijor dismisses the notion of the Mambabarang. But I was determined, I’m goint to meet a mambabarang, I’m going to see for myself, and I’m going to buy their renowned love potion. I’m going to be the next Casanova!!!!!!


Am too lazy to finish this post =)

The gist of the trip;

The people of Siquijor are one of the nicest people in the world, they are warm and they are honest. I took a swim on a mangrove forest and left everything on the beach, camera, wallet, bag, EVERYTHING.. 3 hours later EVERYTHING was gone!! Nah just kidding everything was still there (I know! Why the fuck did I left my stuff in the beach?!, well I got scared to bring a lot of stuff, I was scared that there might be a salt water croc in the mangroves so I just brought my knife and goggles)

The food was cheap, a set meal of bihon(noodles) veggies, fish and rice cost around 30php($.80) oh and its weird, all of their set meals contains bihon, I’m not sure if there’s a bihon craze in this island or this is the bihon capital of the world)

The beaches ooohhh the beaches… ive been to Cebu, Palawan, Caramoan, Boracay, Matnog etc.. It’s up there.. the best thing about the beaches in Siquijor is that you have the entire beach for yourself.

Fireflies; that’s why it’s called the island of fire, the fireflies are so beautiful as well as scary, the mysticism gets to you, whether you like it or not you can’t ignore it.

The cave; the cave was fucking scary, it’s the cave where the healers charge their energies, its dark, its wet, and when your lights run out of battery, your dead!oh and its fun!

Churches; the churches.. well their old… haha but if your into those stuff you’ll like it

Mambabarang; was able to meet one, she has 7 kids, and according to her they were fathered by 7 different men. Heck seeing how she looked i figured I might as well buy some love potion!


p.s. I’m no writer, so if there are any grammatically incorrect sentences I’m sorry I’m just trying to share something =)

yrynn says:
do you still remember where you found the mambabarang? i'm seriously looking for one,asap.. did the love potion worked?
Posted on: Sep 27, 2013
gettinglost says:
ynna: thanks
rhea: haha yep, got 3 small bottles for "pasalubong" i have no idea thought if it works =)
Posted on: Jun 05, 2010
rheagirl says:
fun blog! nice! so, did you get a love potion? hehe
Posted on: Jun 04, 2010
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