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The day started with exciting news: SNOW AT WOLF CREEK! I know it's the end of the season and the snow isn't quite as exciting as it could be, but was great news. Jodi, my best friend had never been skiing or snowboarding before and today for her birthday we all took her. We got our gear in Durango at a place that as soon as I find the name I will write a review for...a POOR REVIEW. We had every intention of leaving Lake Valecito around 9, putting us at the mountain at about 11...however, early starts are much easier when a 2 hour drive doesn't await. Jodi also woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back asleep because she was so ready to try snowboarding. The conditions could not have been much more perfect for beginners.
It had been years since I strapped into a snowboard. I tried a while ago in icy conditions, fell too many times on the same spots and decided to go back to my roots...two wooden sticks strapped to each foot individually made more sense to me. However, it being her birthday and all...I thought it would be nice for her to have someone to learn...and stink with! lol.

POWDER makes all the difference. I couldn't believe the rate at which I improved. Don't mistake my enthusiasm, I am still definitely a beginner. I managed to not fall down off the lifts at all...and I even made it down a blue run, got lost in the trees, and enjoyed every minute of it! Jason and I hit the very last chair. As soon as we got off the lift they shut it down and started patrolling the mountain for lost snow lovers. It was epic to be there with no one else around, the snow falling, the powder, the wind.
..all of it soaking through even my water resistant pants...turning my heart, not my under garments into mush.

Jodi got a military discount...a decent one too...her ticket was $31 instead of $40 for a half day ticket that began at noon thirty. She took the Raven lift up, and then...a while later...made it safely to the bottom, with a bruise on hers. No injuries beyond bruises, no tears, no grumpy success for trying something new and difficult. They always say that the first day of boarding is the second most important, second...only to your second day on the mountain. If you make it through the second day with a smile on your face...your sushi...hooked.

After one of my favorite days playing in the snow ever...we headed to Pagosa Springs to relax in the hot springs! I wrote a review.
..sorry TB, it's less than 500 me straight forward. It was awesome! Since we have no hot tub at our accommodations this was the next best thing. Maybe even better. If you don't like the smell of sulfur...suck it up, it's worth it! Not only is it great for your skin, it can even help with digestion, and speeds up the healing process! The sky opened up in Pagosa, was blue as blue can be, and the sun began to set on this wonderful day. Our stomachs began to growl so we finished up at the springs and headed to the Bear Creek Saloon for some grub.


I am incredibly stoked for tomorrow...and encouraged to get back on the snowboard.
powderfan says:
You're a good writer. I love Wolf Creek! Glad you had fun.
Posted on: Mar 27, 2010
sylviandavid says:
A review only has to be 500 characters... so you are probably fine.... fun blog... sylvia
Posted on: Mar 25, 2010
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Cest moi!
C'est moi!
Top of Raven Lift.
Top of Raven Lift.
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