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The scenic view of Tomohon highland (on the way to Mt. Mahawu)

It took us few days to discover Tomohon.. another side of Manado tourism. Tomohon and its beautiful landscape, cool weather has made us to decide to come back on the next day.

The first, our trip was a trekking trip to the Mahawu Mountain, Tomohon area, arranged by Tasik Ria resort. Along the road, we had several breathtaking sceneries that we had never imagined before. We stopped for couple of times, one was to check the knock-down traditional house that has been exported to overseas, another one was when we had the landscape of Manado bay. The trekking itself was pretty fun, fresh air, however, the rain had stopped us from continuing the trekking to the top of the mountain.

Jesus Christ monument at Ciputra land

The trekking guide, had then re-routed us to take a visit to some traditional places. Tomohon people is a very meaty people, meaning, they eat meat very much, almost all kind of that, you name it! Thus, we made the visit to the traditional market, where the meat were on (locally known as RW meat, stands for Rintek Wuuk)...bat...rat...and we couldn't go any further.  We had lunch right afterward, where most meats were served. After lunch, the guide took us to our next destination.... Santika Resort..

After resting for a night at Santika Resort, our local friends took us to see another side of Tomohon on the next day. We were amazed to see the view at Bukit Doa (Hill of Prayer).. there was a chapel in the middle of the hill and all the set up of the place were stunning!!

Manado people are mostly Christian, where Church and Cross are literally every where.

Nice chapel at Bukit Doa

Finished admiring the Bukit Doa, we moved for lunch at the shore of Tondano lake. The lake was the highest lake in Sulawesi, with its cool weather, we had our lunch on a restaurant at the shore of the lake. The food was superb, lake's prawn, fishes, and they were all cooked in a local way, not to mention the price was very reasonable.

On the way back to Manado, we passed the Bukit Kasih (Hill of Love). It is a hill that was made to symbolize a harmony of all religions on the North Sulawesi. We can see all religion's worship place built there, side by side. The area is smokey from the sulphuric source from subsurface, this add some more serenity to the scene.

Thanks to our local friends, dinner time spent on a fancy classical Bumi Beringin restaurant. The uphill location in downtown area, overlooking Manado Bay, is supported by an excotic Dutch colonial building and great classical minimalist interior, that basically it. Not to mention that the food is a great fancy Indonesian food.

All in all, the 2 days we spent on Tomohon is a nice thing, we discovered the area more than we expected, and it is something that we will need to let the world know and share the joy. Enjoy !


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The scenic view of Tomohon highlan…
The scenic view of Tomohon highla…
Jesus Christ monument at Ciputra l…
Jesus Christ monument at Ciputra …
Nice chapel at Bukit Doa
Nice chapel at Bukit Doa
Bukit Kasih (The Hill of Love)
Bukit Kasih (The Hill of Love)
Little house on the prairie...swee…
Little house on the prairie...swe…
Flying rats on a meat market
Flying rats on a meat market
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this is not my fave (…
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