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By the time I was near Budva, the clouds were lessening and the sun made an appearance. There was still a bit of fog but, a blue sky was just a veil away.

Before returning to the room for a snack, I drove into the mountains above Budva for a viewing…..what a show!

After my snack, I drove to the Old Town for a second viewing. I made my way to the main square, again. The churches were not open, today, either. I decided to go to the city’s museum.

The Museum of Budva is mostly archeological in nature ( 1st and 2nd floors) but, does get into ethnographic exhibits on the 3rd floor.

There are many vases (glass and ceramic) and oil lamps. There is even a Greek helment. These are all from the Hellenistic period. There is even an odd ceramic foot with holes in the top of it….??? Much is repetitive but, there is interesting to be found here. I really enjoyed the costumes and old pictures.

After my museum fix, I walked the marina area. It was such a beautiful evening. I also walked along the beach area just to the south side of the fortress….a different view of it.

I returned to the room to find that it still smelled…BAD! The owner had changed the sheets and cleaned the cover of the duvet. The room was sitting with the door and all windows open. I’m not sure how this would prevent a cat from working it’s magic, again. But, I closed everything to see what the smell level was like. It was still there. He offered me another room. I guess that was easier than cleaning this one as they had only dealt with the cleaning of the sheets and duvet cover. The other room did not have a kitchenette. I told him that I would change later but, decided against it. I went to the store and bought cleaner and sprayed everything that I could spray. When that dried, I sprayed again. It helped…..a bit. Upon closer sniffing the insert inside the duvet……smelled of cat urine and body odor……AARRGGHH!

I left two windows open, slept in my clothes and jacket, again. I don’t understand!!!!!


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photo by: Marius1981