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One of the old buildings downtown

I found quite a cheap flight (99 euro roundtrip) to Belgrade on Malev Airlines. I had booked this many, many months ahead. Unlike most their cheap fares, I did not have to fly in the middle of the night...yeah!!!

I had a mid morning flight to Budapest. It was late due to the terrible fog in Amsterdam. Fortunately we made up some time in the air and we landed even before the boarding call for Belgrade.

The fight to Belgrade was only 45 minut4es from Budapest. Upon the approach to Nicola Tesla airport the sky was clear and the sun was bright.

My entry into Serbia was without incident, yeah!!!

While waiting for the bus to the city, many people were approached my cab drivers bargaining with them to get business by sharing the costs of the taxi between several people. Many people took advantage of it but, I waited on the bus (2 euro 50).

Traffic was terrible and what normally took 40 minutes, today took an hours plus but, it was Friday. The route was familiar and I was excited to be back.....something I never thought I would feel before my first visit here.

Upon exiting the bus at Slavija Square, I went the wrong direction.....aargh!!! I mistakenly read the map and was over confident but this square/round a bout is confusing.  I ended up at St. Sava Church. So, I turned around and headed back to Slavija Square and figured out where I went wrong.

Ten minutes later, I was at the hostel, in the shadow of St. Mark's Church.

I sneaked in and was waiting at the reception when my friend, Igor, made it to the top. He was surprised! It was good to see him.

I got settled and we went to the common room for a good chat and some tea. We spent a nice time relaxing and catching up. When his shift was up we went out for a nice dinner.......well, dinner.

He asked a few people what would be a good option given my food issues. So, we went to......XXX. It certainly wasn't much to look at but the service was good and we certainly had enough food. I had a cheese omlet, a salad of greens, cabbage, beet, carrot, and other stuff. Also, we had a hearty tomato soup. I had a Serbian white whine with dinner, as well.

We chatted and chatted and chatted.

We had a leisrely walk back to the hostel after and chatted for a bit longer.

Igor left for the night and I read a bit before calling it a night. Today was about catching up with a friend......and it was a good day.

delsol67 says:
Hey, I was lucky that Malev was running a sale 99 euro roundtrip from cheap!!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2010
cneoridium says:
So jealous that you can just fly down for a couple days! : )
Posted on: Mar 22, 2010
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One of the old buildings downtown
One of the old buildings downtown
photo by: EmEm