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Hi everybody, am going to try to share some useful informations about my Moroccan trip that can be used by everyone:
- At the airport when you arrive you'll need to have a confirmation printed out where you're going to stay. Also your passport must be stamped.
- From the airport: Jemaa el Fnaa is 100DHM or hotels a bit far from there 150DHM. Arrange the price before getting into the taxi. Taxis can also pick up other customers during the journey don't be surprised.
- ATM machines: sometimes they just don't give money out at all. Also met other people having the same problems. Credit du Maroc ATM-s normally worked with any UK cards. I'd suggest to keep a safe amount of cash with you.
- I didn't have any food poisoning during my stay and I ate on the market, had orange juice and tea from suspicious glasses but never drank water from the tap...
- I'd suggest to keep lot of change with you. The reason is because everything is cheap and if you pay with a 100 and 200 notes and they can see it they will try to charge you more. That was something that really worked for me. But just t compare a glass of fresh orange juice in the market is 3DHM and you don't want to pat with 200, do you? And people are asking money are happy getting 1DHM and they leave you alone after that.
- Women always got comment and sometimes approached on the street maybe you will feel a bit offended. Don't show fear and you'll be alright. I also wouldn't suggest your sexy clothes to wear them there (even if I know you're hot)
- 'La Sukra!' means 'No, thank you!'
- Bars were really dodgy I think but I have checked out only two. I had my quickest pint in my life. But in the hotel it was cool. I hope you'll have a better luck.
- Photos... some people will ask money for them even if they're not like snake charmers. Not usual anyway.
- If you get lost: open your map if you're really that lost (maps just don't work in the medina as there are so much small allies). People especially kids will offer their help to bring you back to the 'Big Square'. Well maybe they won't and bring you more deep to be more lost and than asking money for further assistant. Ask other tourists, women or shop-keepers they're safe.
- I had a trip to Essaoira and to Ouarzazate to Ait Ben Haddou. CTM and Supratour buses are good and reliable. Essaouira can be done on a day trip going in the morning coming back at night. To Ourzazate it's a bit tricky as there's not really any bus back in the afternoon so better to stay there and coming back in the morning. Anyway that bust journey worths the 'free' Atlas tour as it beautiful and cheaper but you won't stop for 'panorama sir?'
- I think that's it for now if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer.
- Thanks for reading and enjoy your trip and your day
- Ciao :)
Dalmia says:
Good stuff & very helpful, thank you. We're heading over next month.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2010
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