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From our accommodation to the site of the orphanage was approximately 2 hours drive, but we made it in 3 and a half hours. Mumthas the home owner had advised David against using the driver that Davindra had given us, but David was quite trusting and did not see the reason to mistrust Davindra. That little bird on the shoulder told me Mumthas was being protective and Davindra was making money off of David, but I knew better to keep my mouth shut. Our driver Gopal was a rather dark skinned Indian guy with such eyes that shown when he smiled. He had kept his teeth pretty well for the typical Indian. We had exactly 10 days in Bangalore and three orphanages to work with. Our supplies were being delived in two days, so David would have to return to Mumbai to handle the logistics. Work was smooth and we enjoyed time working with the beautiful, I mean gorgeous young souls who did not know their situation and smiled at anyone and anything unless they were sick. The typical Iindian is quite respectful, we worked with a great team in Bangalore and shared a culture of love and giving that stayed with me. when work was done at the end of the seventh day, David arranged a day off to explore Bangalore; Mumthas did most of the work to make sure she got someone who would impress upon us not just the city, but the culture and spirituality of her hoome town. We had two days off to explore the place so we visited two temples on the first day, I remember only one, the Iskcon Temple of hare Krishna. 

Mumthas is a Hare Krishna follower with very strong beliefs. She arranged to have us go with her to the highest place of worship in her faith, the Sri Radha Krishna Chandra temple. It was so good to visit this of spirituality and knowledge. It was filled with people coming and going, while others stayed there as if to escape the hassles of daily living. The Iskcon Temple is located in Rajajinaga and is considered the jewel of Iskcon. There are actually three temples within Iskcon campus;  One temple is of Lord Narshima,  Second temple of Lord Venkatesh (Tirupati Bajaji) and the Main temple of Lord Radha Kishna, Krishna Balram and Nitya Guranga. It was founded by the teacher of Vedic knowledge BhaktiVedanta Swami Srila Prabhuapada. The architectural structure of the temple is nothing short of inspiring and amazing. The giant pillar and the largest pillar in all India is inside this temple, it is called the Dwaja Sthamba. Like in Israel where they have the lamentation/wailing wall, the temple here has a particular place where people congregate to chant the names of Lord Krishna for the purification of the soul and mind and to pray for world peace. I found this place particularly fulfilling; passing through the temples on the way too the main hall gives you the advantage of seeing the other temples and in the main hall a history of what Krishna did during his leisure times. While we were at the Temple, Mumthas joined some dedicated members of the spiritual society to chant a hare Krishna mantra. Being in the temple, gave me an interesting perspective on spirituality and belief systems. Being born a Roman Catholic, it is sometimes hard to imagine a different way to pray, intercede or believe, but the level of spirituality in this temple is strong enough to sway even the strongest believer of another faith. Being a weekend of course the temple was filled with large crowds of both devotees and tourists, it took us more time to leave the temple than it did to get in. I would suggest you go during a week day perhaps it's less busy.

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Africancrab says:
I have been told so. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.
Posted on: Sep 24, 2010
KarthikKash says:
Yes, though I am a Bangalorean and an atheist, I still say Iskcon is a great temple to visit. And it is best seen when you visit during the Janmashtami celebrations (birthday of Lord Krishna), and preferably on a week day.
Posted on: Sep 24, 2010
Africancrab says:
Yeah! our host Mumthas made us food all the time but I don't remember having laddoos, if I did I forgot. It's been many years. Thanks for the comment.
Posted on: Mar 18, 2010
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