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i have given la. sufficient chances, california always seems like a good idea but like the lady said long ago..."it cold and its damp". 

this i think was the worst yet; when i was there l.a. was either the second or the third coldest major city in the u.s.!

how is this possible?  we're talking about freaking s.cal here, one of the most southern areas of the country; yet for two days only seattle was colder, minneapolis and chicago two more.  incredible.

and zero sun at the beach due to what is referred to locally as "marine layer". 

the entire country is in the 80s to 100s and theres no sun and temps barely pushing the 70s in redondo beach and santa monica and so on.

i settled some time ago on redondo beach (torrance actually) as my point of stay if i stay in la. but this was the usual disaster tho it did serve a key purpose, there were things for me that needed to improve from a distance that did while i was there; but l.a. is defintely out its had 4 chances and each time has been worse.

l.a. for me is just a place to fly in and out of; and for me the best way to do this is on allegiant airlines which operates the only direct flight to la. from iowa (and i think from a lot of other small market airports)_--which is  HUGE PLUS; i mean its ridiculous to have to chance flights to get just half way across the country. 

and since i have to stay for one nite i stay at the radisson which a lot people dont like; i dont know why; its true the staff is utterly useless; but all you need to do is check and rest until you get your flight out in the morning; yes $100 to do that is a bit much but not going to get anything better in l.a. 

thats the l.a. beach report; "marine layer and cold"--hispanic familes dominate the beach on sundays near the redondo pier.

i do love the mix at the del amo mall (torrance toward redondo)--asian, hispanic, black, white; they have an h&m (actually 3 one for kids, one for women, one for men) and i think arguably more beautiful women per capita than anywhere in the world i have been. 

but l.a. is just TOO COLD.  (in more ways than one)  "the city spreads out just like a cut vein/everybody drowns"

i did stand on hawthrone in a brian wilson smile tshirt and then go to a still surviving rare c.d. store on hawthorne to buy "brian wilson reimagines gershwin". while i was the there.  that was probalby the highlite.

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