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With just 2 nights and 2 days to spare, all the sight-seeing itinerary was not done. Obviously the "getting lost" part was not taken into account.

Anyway to start things, the flight arrived from Cebu to the the Lion City before the clock would strike 12 midnight and we took the airport shuttle bus to Hong Kong Street and was dropped off in Rucksack Inn. I wasn't sure exactly how a hostel would look like in real life since all I've seen so far were just pictures and the ones from movies but the photos in their website did not disappoint! I liked the place but still was unsure of how I was going to sleep with a roomful of strangers. Though I woke up multiple times during the night for various reasons but mostly it was due to me being to excited for it to be daylight already. It was strange waking up and see a stranger's face across you.. I liked the bunk beds although I wish that I didn't get the one that's across to the door.
. Oh well, nothing much you can do when its peak season. You gotta take what you can.

Much of our morning was wasted on having no idea where to go and change our money to Singaporean dollars. At least I was able to buy some before I left Cebu but it wasn't enough. When we were finally able to exchange our money, so much time was wasted as well on getting confused on the MRT system. This is my 2nd time to visit Singapore but the first time was about 10-12 years ago and everything is already a distant memory plus I was with my parents and everything was taken cared of by some travel agency. Despite of not really knowing how to go about from point  A to point B half of the time, I approached twice for directions! I'm like, I'm sorry I'm a tourist and I'm also kinda lost! hahahaha..

I'm getting off track here. So when we arrived in Sentosa (which I read somewhere that's referred to as "Sentosa" actually stands for "So Expensive and Nothing TO See Actually") it was blazing hot already and I was melting away under the heat of the sun.
I totally forgot to bring my swimsuit with me! Could have right away went to the beach but the beach wasn't really in the itinerary since Vance wanted to do all the "adventure" things. We got their "promo" for the things that we wanted to try out (more like what Vance wanted to try.. I was just dragged along I tell you! hahaha).  Before we did anything, we were lost again and going around in circles looking for somewhere cheap to eat lunch and ended up eating in Subway. Basically we spent most of the time in Sentosa with no definite direction and just walking around.. In short I was finally able to "conquer" my fear of heights doing the PARAJUMP where you just literally jump off a 5 story structure and of course there was a harness to hold you. It just took less than a minute but the last minute chickening out took more time that the jump itself.   Then there was the MegaZip which is the flying fox ride over 450 metres long, starting 72 metres above the sea in a tree-top tower on Mount Imbiah.
And I even got stuck hanging about in mid-air towards the end and the crew tried to reel me in! So the "do not look down" now works for me. After that there was the Skyride and Luge. Spent more time walking around the beach killing time waiting for the show Songs of the Sea to start.

Oh yeah, had this incident in mall that I needed to go to the Restroom. I approached on the sales clerk where it is and she had no idea what I was talking about.. and it went on like this:

Me: "Excuse me, where is the nearest Restroom?"
Sales Clerk: (seriously she looked like the emoticon)
Me: "Restroom?"
Sales Clerk: " What you mean?"
Me: "Erm. Umm. Restroom? C.R.? Comfort Room? Bathroom? Toilet?"
Sales Clerk: "Ah lah! Toilet is straight and go right"

So I guess I should have figured that when you're in the different side of the world, there are things that are called differently.

Ended the day with a midnight snack somewhere near the hostel (I forgot the name of the street) and they had the best rice porridge I've tasted but I had to make them do without the pork. 
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Posted on: Jun 15, 2010
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