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My cousin told me that since it's my free time on Saturday, we could go to Sentosa. Some of her friends has also just arrived in Singapore and she is tagging them along. I think that's a great idea because destination such as this is best when there are more people to have fun with and I'm right :) On the way to Sentosa, we had a few stops to take some photos and inside Sentosa we took more photos :) It was quite a hot day and going around has been tiring so we just visited selected attractions in Sentosa. It was still fun tho and we were like kids goofing around :P

For most of the trip, it was only girls and my cousin was getting a bit impatient for her BF to arrive so all the girls will join the group photo, meaning, she's eager to make him our official photographer.
After covering a lot of Sentosa, her BF arrived and took the role of being our official photographer :P

The universal studios is still closed and will be open by March 18. Nevertheless, we were able to take some photos outside :)

After we satisfied ourselves with Sentosa, we went to visit and take photos of the Esplanade and of course the famous Singapore lion statue. Afterwards we went behind Esplanade and found a hawkers place where we had dinner :) We had a great time eating so much food and they're cheap :P

We then went back home to shower and change and go to Clarke Quay for a night out. We went around looking for a dancing club bec I want to dance! :) My cousins were not really much of a dancer so I look for a place I would be comfortable to be alone :P I found Cuba bar/club and had a great time there dancing till I tire myself :) Great music and the crowd is bunch of good dancers who doesn't grab people's ass..compared to London clubs :P My cousins went to a nearby bar, I believe it was Mama's bar or something and tho there's also a live band there and a dancefloor..nothing much was happening there esp compared to Cuba so I stayed on my preferred club :) We took a "night rider" going home :)
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photo by: dyron_888