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We arrived after 7pm and found ourselves a cheap, but comfortable, guesthouse - satellite TV (although StarMovies and HBO were blocked. ffs) and Bia Hoi for 3,500VND/litre downstairs.  We were given the choice of either cramming the three of us into two beds (a single and a double in the same room), or having two rooms with three beds between them for slightly more money.  We opted for the three rooms.  After spending many nights sharing beds during the past 2 months, we were more than willing to pay out a little extra for the luxury of having our own.  We settled on $10 for both rooms.  James and Rory shared the double room with the balcony and I got the single.  The single had no outside window, although this turned out to be a blessing as the heat from the streets outside combined with the blazing mid morning sun turned the double room into a furnace!

We spent the first evening getting washed up, eating and watching the Arsenal-Wigan match, and sitting on the balcony watching passers by.  After Arsenal won, and Tottenham lost, James and Rory decided it was time to go out and celebrate.  I wasn't in the mood and spent the night watching StarMovies in protest against the fact that Spurs were no longer in contention for the Champions League.  Also, I was tired and couldn't be bothered to go out and get drunk.
James and Rory came back at about 2am, steaming drunk, and started climbing the walls, banging various random things together or against the wall/ceiling, jumping on beds, and trying to get into my room through a high window in the wall between our rooms.  Shattered, in the grip of nicotine withdrawl and half asleep, the only choice I had was to get the ear plugs out and to try sleep.

I got up early the next day, had some tasty scrambled egg on toast for breakfast, then headed towards the river.  The heat so intense that I looked as if I'd just gotten out of the shower and hadn't bothered to dry off before getting dressed.  The locals didn't seem to suffer from the same problem.  They were quite happy wearing jeans and shirts.

the keybỏad há fuckd up nơ and i can't figủe out hơ to fĩx it so i'll finíh thí latẻr

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