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The taxi ride to Baga/Calengute took about an hour, which was plenty of time to get a good look at rural Goa along side the main highway from the airport.  It quite a shock to see so many people living in little huts made from bamboo, cardboard and bits of discarded corrugated iron.  I knew that this part of the world would be completely different from home, but I hadn't really stopped to think how much different it would actually be...  there were elephants carrying stacks of bamboo, people washing clothes in filthy streams, hundreds of stray dogs and cows, and just about everywhere had an advertisment for Kingfisher beer, water or airlines.

Once in Baga, we headed straight for the beach (with our taxi driver in tow trying to sell us a room.  He was pretty miffed when we ignored him and sat in the first beach shack we could find) to watch the sunset and attempt to find Gaz.  After a while we gave up on the search for Gaz... we didn't really look too hard as we were knackered and it's a huge beach!!

After finding a relatively cheap room for the night (2 single beds pushed together for the 3 of us, pet frogs and cockroaches) we went out on to the beach again to hunt for Gaz.  Luckily, just as we were walking down the sand, getting attacked by the locals trying to sell allsorts of random crap that we didn't want, Gaz appeared!!  We went and sat in Andrew's bar (maybe 200m from the Tito's beach entrance) and got some food.
After wandering around the town for a while we went into a few bars, sampled the local spirit Feni (which is far too gag-inducing for my liking) and eventually realised Rory had gone missing..   We found him again in the early hours bleeding and covered in cuts and small puncture wounds where a thorn bush had ripped him to pieces.
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photo by: msarkar2810