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When planning that first trip to Thailand as I mentioned my focus was going to study Thai Massage in Chiang Mai but also to spend some time seeing some other places so I made a few arrangements prior to my arrival. I spent 4 really nice days in Kancanaburi before my pilgrimage to Chiangmai. It did not take me long to warm up to the people and be present in each moment....truly a life lesson. I fell in love with the way of life here, seeing all those beautiful smiles,  and just how chilled people seemed to be. Sabai Sabai!

Doing many things my days were full. I did not do too much partying my attention was on more expanding my awareness through connecting with people, educating myself, and doing activities that I've never done before.

For as much as the Thai people made me feel good I in turn wanted to touch the lives of others. I sought out opportunities that I can exchange a few words, thoughts, or even just a smile with the locals and travelers alike. The vibration in Chiang Mai is Enchanting. It really is something you need to feel for yourself.

I had rented a place for one month but was going to leave 4 days short but it was less expensive renting for that period of time. The plan was to go to Pattaya for those 4 days before going back to Bangkok. I had my air ticket and prepaid for hotel. It came to that point to leave but I did not want to, I was captivated by the charm and all the warmth I felt.

Seeing what I could do I started to send out emails and make phone calls to the hotel in Pattaya and the Airlines. To my surprise the hotel actually gave me back almost all my money and with the airline I had a flexible ticket so I was able to change the day with no problem....yippie!!! It was difficult to eventually leave. I was really at peace for the first time in many years. Processing my grief over the murder of my mother all these years I was having breakthroughs. This is exactly where I needed to be at this time in my life.

There is a special place in my heart for Thailand, especially Chiang Mai. I do want to explore other parts of Thailand and SEA but I think during that time it was meant for me to fully experience the energy of Chiang Mai, for this I am Grateful!!!
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I am thankful for this travel journal where I can tie together all my travel experiences.
Currently I live just outside of San Diego, California U.S.A. and recently traveled to Thailand for over 6 week and really enjoyed myself. I have a blog for it that I set up through blogspot. I share many of my experiences and photos on it, feel free to check it out. Click here: I had such an AMAZING time that I am planning another trip there at the end of the year and set up another blog but that seems like a lot a work when I could just jot down my journey and post photos to share with everyone at one easy location. I also have a blog on my personal web page where I share many dimensions of myself (such as Gift Baskets, Voice, Massage & Healing) and on the blog segment I make different types of entries so this is the best venue for my intentions.
I took my first trip to France to visit my family when I was 20 years old in 1979. During following visits I stretched myself and explored other European countries. I now have a niece that lives in Belgium with her family and my other niece is going to Europe for a year living in Spain. I decided to try and work a plan to be there while she can visit the French family for the first time to introduce her. Working a plan has excited me and the energy is flowing.
I used to use Northwest Airlines having a mileage plan and they merged with Delta. When I flew to Thailand last year I had a miserable experience with them. I didn't allow myself to get too upset and not stay upset for any length of time for I wanted to have a special time and wanted to stay positive and present. Last night after extensive search I was able to find a Awards Ticket round trip from San Diego to Amsterdam for 75,000 miles plus tax. I had 65,000 miles so I went to another section of the Delta website and purchased enough miles to get me to the require miles which cost me around $240. After the taxes and fees my total cost was only $305. what a bargain. Goes to show sometimes we go though things we don't understand why and there are gifts within them. I am extremely Grateful!
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photo by: Sunflower300