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Getting off the plane

Well when we landed in Phoenix we took the rental car shuttle over to the rental car lot and waited in line.  Our car company only had about 4 staff members and the line was becoming ridiculously long with every shuttel arrival.  When it was finally out turn we were so happy, but that quickly turned into anger.  I had pre-paid our rental car company and bought insurance, but they wanted a 200 doallar deposit because I was using my debit card, that is the card I booked the car with.  Well we didnt get the car because I told them I bought insuarnce and they said they didnt care and there was nothing they could do.  So we had to take the shuttle back to the airport and get a taxi to our hotel.

  We found a taxi but we had to unpack my GPS and give the driver directions, we drove around for over an hour looking for gas then the hotel.  The driver was a nice guy, but things got a little wierd when he offered us one of his personal vehicles.  Right about then is when I changed the subject.

We finally got to our hotel and checked in after a day of everything going wrong finally something went right.  Not for long however.  We had trouble unlocking our door because the lock appears to be broken, we didnt really care at first all we cared about was hsowering and getting some sleep.  Well we called Orbitz and got a full refund for our rental car and then headed over to the K-mart next door to buy some water and food, after that we headed to bed.

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Getting off the plane
Getting off the plane
We welcome Wrestlemania
We welcome Wrestlemania
Our cabby is outside getting gas, …
Our cabby is outside getting gas,…
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