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Today we woke up at 0400 to make it to the airport in time to return our rental car and get through security.  Shortly after we passed though the gate I got a travel alert saying our flight to Newark NJ had been delayed by 2 hours, then another call came saying that our connecting flight had been canceled, then another call saying our flight time for the delayed flight had been moved up.  The agent started boarding the plane and my cousin and I moved forward to get on the plane when another employee came and shut down the boarding of the plane.  We ended up satnding there for almost 1/2 finally they got the ok to board the rest of the plane and so she scanned our passes to board us right away.  When we got to the end of the ramp there was a flight attendent yelling at one of the people who shut the boarding of the plane down. 

Finally the plane was boarded and ready to take off.  When we landed in Newark, NJ I got another call saying our flight had been delayed yet again.  I was not impressed with the ground crew at Newark Airport, all my cousin and I recived was attitude and indifference.  Finally another passenger made my cousin and I get in line ahead of him and the customer service representative was not going to let us board, but finally my cousin pointed out my handicap and she apologized then let us board the plane.  The rest of the flight was uneventful.

When we landed in Boston we made our way to baggage claim to pick up our one piece of checked luggage only to find out it was missing.  So we checked in the the baggae claim attandents and a guy cut in front of us as we were talking with the attandents.  This caused a massive problem and there was a lot of yelling invloved.  Finally the airline agreed to deliever our luggage to our house.

Today was a nightmare, I was sad to leave Phoenix but I am glad to finally be home especially after all the complications.

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photo by: ahtibat17