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Meal on Emirates, complete with metal cutlery!

You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway
You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind
You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man
I don't care how you get here, just- get here if you can”  -  Oleta Adams

We check in barely on time for our flight to London....actually they closed the flight and reopened it for us and another girl, scolding us for not showing up early enough...I still think their clocks are 10 minutes ahead of mine. Airport clocks confirmed that later....but I can't really argue with the lady who's tagging my bags and letting us through.

We get the only two seats on the plane left, that are together....the agent had given everyone else middle seats. NICE, lucky for us, at least we are together! I sleep fitfully, with my sleeping bag, earplugs and eye shades, opting to skip the usual Air Canada fare of "feather or leather". Chris watched 3 movies and a TV episode.

March 7th

We land in London, finding ourselves having only 2 hours to collect our bags, and find the Emirates check in desk. Running through the terminal, that seems to be an immense endless expanse of gates and duty free shops, we arrive just in time to board the double decker airbus 380-800. Its the biggest thing with wings that I have ever seen. 25 crew members. Not a single skyhag onboard, just young expats working out of Dubai on three year contracts. I find our seats at the back of the bus, in the center of four seats. Thankfully, the seats are ample, and legroom generous. The FA's hand out hot towels...yes hot towels, real ones, off silver trays economy class!!! Then, menus! It makes me reminisce the early days of my career at AC when we too did that. Like a virgin traveler having never set foot on a plane, I checked out the entertainment system...which included a plethora of games, movies, TV shows and music, as well as a camera that showed underneath the airplane. Reclining the chair, I was shocked when the bottom slid forward, as it tipped back. By far the most comfy airline seats I have ever sat in...well in steerage class anyways. Dinner was surprisingly tasty, and for those who know my eating habits, eating nearly all of what was on my tray is an oddity for this picky eater, that packs her own food to work. I think its been 10 years since I've been served cheese on an economy meal tray! 

The flight is long, an uneventful, I try to get as much sleep as possible.  I'm able to sleep just about anywhere anyways.  Chris on the other hand, has spent most of our journey thus far watching movies.

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Meal on Emirates, complete with me…
Meal on Emirates, complete with m…
photo by: ulysses