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We arrived in Rome around 9pm the first day after finding our hostel we headed out for a quick look around. To make a great start to the trip i managed to lose my bank card within 30 minutes of being in Rome. What a bloody nightmare, maybe il learn to use a wallet in future. So after managing to grab some ridiculously over-priced pizza and cancelling my card i managed to get some sleep.

The next day wasnt great either, Stacey didnt bring her coat and it was pissing it down. So i begrudgingly walked round for about two hours while she chose a coat and we could finally go off and do some sightseeing. It really was quite a miserable day, but with our coats on and map in pockets we headed to the Colloseum.

We got there thoroughly drenched and joined the que, only to realise because we werent part of a tour group and had to buy our own tickets it was actually quicker for us to get in than join the massive que of tour groups. Bonus. Even in this terrible weather it was hard not to be impressed with place, im mean its the colloseum. I walked around just imagining the masses screaming for blood and Gladiators fighting to the death. Its moments like this when you travel that i love, when you really think hard about what actually happened right in the very place you were stood. After a couple of hours we left and headed towards the trevi fountain area of Rome.

One thing i did notice about Italy so far was that it felt like a really gritty place, and i loved it. Very much a cross between the old and the new.

So the next hour or so was spent dawdling through Rome, absolutely drenched, looking at some of the marvellous Architecture. We were looking for the Trevi fountain, and after getting slightly lost we managed to find it by following the sound of the rushing water. I hadnt realised it was so enclosed in a small piazza, i was originally under the impression that it was alot more open. So we stood there in the rain taking some photos and admiring the scene, all the time fighting for space with school trips and tour groups!

After the trevi we went in search of the Pantheon, a famous building(Temple of the Gods), and when we found it we stopped off in a small cafe for some more overpriced food and coffee. The Pantheon was awesome(scaffolding aside) and it wasnt actually that busy when we got inside. We hung around in here only for around 30 minutes and got to see Raphaels tomb, then after some more walking through Rome we headed back to the hostel for some of the free pasta dinner( it was shit).

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photo by: vulindlela