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After another formal night on the ship, our next port was Taipei Taiwan. My mother decided she wanted to sign up as the 'shepherd' on the tour that we booked. Worst idea ever. We were responsible for ensuring that everyone in our group was back on the bus at the appropriate time. It added extra unnecessary stress. There were over 45 people on our tour so it made for an uncoordinated experience. Too many opinions, too many complainers. I wouldn't recommend large tours like that. Our first stop was the Confucius Temple. We watched traditional Taiwanese folk dancing with the fans. The temple itself was rather plain. Very pretty but not as much incense and flowers as the other temples that I saw previously on this trip.

The next temple we stopped at was the Pao-An Temple. This temple was more of what I was expecting. Beautifully decorated and lit with incense. Flowers were everywhere. We then headed for the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in memory of Taiwan's former President. We were on time to see the changing of the guards ceremony that takes place hourly. It was interesting to see. Very formal. The place was so large that we got lost from our tour group. Both sides of the building look the same so we didn't know where to meet up with the group. Make note, if you do go there, as to what side of the building to meet. Mom and I panicked a little in fear of being left there. Eventually after running back and forth we did find our group! Phew. We boarded our tour bus, and headed over to the Taipei 101 building, the 2nd tallest Building in the world (the first is in Dubai).
There was a wait to get up to the top of the building. It took about 20 minutes to get to the elevator. The elevator ride up to the 89th floor took about 35 seconds. I had to pop my ears and all. There were some stunning views from the top. We had to wait on line again to get downstairs. We stopped in the basement for some lunch in the food court. At this point I was dying for some greasy American food... and to my pleasure I stumbled upon another Auntie Anns! Yay! Love it. Mom ordered some Pho Vietnamese soup again. We ate quickly and boarded the bus to head over to the Palace Museum. It was completely MOBBED! Apparently it was Golden weekend and everyone was off of work. Brutal. We only stayed a half hour there and by the time we all got our headsets for audio we saw nothing. It was a waste but the building itself was pretty. Oh well, maybe one day I'll get back there with more time to see some of the artwork.

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photo by: Deats