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I spent the morning taking the subway all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge to find two sisters who were tearing up the indie hip-hop scene over there. This will be the second time I've been back to Brooklyn, but from what I recall in my last visit... the area was super ghetto. Just imagine taking the D Line all the way to the end, and that's when you hit Brighton Beach. All the late night festivities that I had to recover from was not an easy thing to do at 6 in the morning. In New York, I have to take into account that the weather was somewhat below average and that I have to get around using my legs. The subway was by far the worst place to fall asleep on, because you run the risk of getting your stuff stolen. I guess that's why bums and hobos are so comfortable sleeping on the subways... what do they have to lose?

Something you notice about Bed-Stuy when you first get there is that has a lot of culture there. You won't see graffiti, but you'll see tons of murals and mosaics everywhere. It reminded me of those Boys & Girls Club of America commercials where they would rebuild playgrounds and restore city blocks back to its original state by doing a massive cleanup and paint job. That's the sense that you get when you get right off the subway.

I took into account that it was raining heavily during the day, so I had to lug around heavy camera equipment and lights. I ran the risk of getting shocked by plugging in wet wires, but that was nothing compared to my bum shoulder. Let's just say I only had one good shoulder left, and I was using it up as much as I could. By the time I got back to my hotel, I had to knock out immediately.

Yuefan and Alan took me out for a very interesting night. It was my time to finally explore the St. Mark's and K-Town that I never got to explore. One thing I'll always keep in mind is that the subways are always PACKED! Either way, we had a great time out with the girls and we probably hit up about five different places (including soju bars, cafes, dessert places, nightclubs). Wasn't exactly sure what they were called, because I was a bit out of it by the time the night ended. The greatest part about walking through the city streets and taking taxi cabs through the city is that you get to capture every NYC scene in the blink of an eye.
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photo by: missandrea81