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Gateway to Davao's China Town. There's really not much here, just some import/export stores and warehouses. Still, I had to check it out; that's why I came.
Below are some general impressions and thoughts.  These are one person's very limited experience and I saw only a small portion of Davao, mostly near the city centre.  With that in mind:

The city seems cleaner and more open than Manila.  The streets 'feel' wider than in Zamboanga, more pedestrian-friendly.  I didn't feel crowded.
It is definitely a wealthier city than Zamboanga.
Davao is less chaotic than Manila.
City center is smaller than I thought it would be.
Traffic control devices seem to mostly work (stop lights & lines on the road).  People tend to obey the rules of the road more here than in Manila.
"St. Ana Multipurpose Cooperative': The least descriptive name ever. From this title, we can tell that it might or might not be religious in nature and that no one person does or is responsible for anything in particular (or general, for that matter).

More than any other place I've been in the Philippines, Davao reminds me of the Bahamas.  Again, this is more of a feeling  than anything substantial.
There seem to be fewer jeepneys & they look better maintained & pollute less.  Bear in mind that I wasn't actively comparing them and this was a short trip.  It's just how it appeared to me during the course of 4 days.
The People's park is nice.  It needs more shade.  It will probably be great in 5 years, which makes me think that someone here was planning for the future.
I heard reggae in 2 different places.
China town is mostly just an area of hardware & auto parts stores, warehouses & importer/exporters - in fact, the 2 big temples & chinese cemetary are several kilometres away.
I expected more bars - especially open during the day - one hotel's bar doesn't open until 6PM.  I guess this expectation is a result of growing up in the islands.
There was a 4 hour brownout scheduled one day but I didn't see anything shut down.  I guess that's a good thing.
Smoking is not allowed in restaurants or bars.  I think that's due to the "Tobacco Regulate Act  2003  RA  9211".  I don't know if this is a city ordinance or if it has larger scope (province-wide, etc.).  I do know that, when I went to Manila later that week, every restaurant and bar I entered was smoke-filled.
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Gateway to Davaos China Town.  Th…
Gateway to Davao's China Town. T…
St. Ana Multipurpose Cooperative…
"St. Ana Multipurpose Cooperative…
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