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Okay, so yesterday (the 20th) was insane. Mar and I took a bus in the city of Zadar. However, we were both sad......Mar misses Zoran and I miss Nikola. Ah well, life goes on. But, finally, the Millenium Jump 2007 started! There were I think over 1,500 people jumping into the water three times throughout the day, and there was music and food and just so many people. It made the day of waiting in Zadar worth it. We made it back to the hostel exhausted, had a drink on the beach, and went to sleep. Today, we took a giant boat and a bus to the island of Pašman, recommended by our Kaštel leaders, Sonja and Ivana. The island was pretty and completely local and there was a ton of windsurfing going on too. But wait till I get home, I dont think Ive ever been this tan. I'm the tannest I've ever been.
Anyway, after eating one of the first REAL meals in three weeks, we went walking to another village. Somehow, we ended up in a nudist colony and tried to run away through a vineyard. But then we got lost in a labyrinth of grapes and we were being chased (again) by the farmer. Insane, really. We were walking on the road and we ended up hitching a ride from a local croatian sailor. Hah. Such a freaking random day. So, tomorrow we will go to Plitvice National Park. I am very excited because it gets us out of Zadar for the whole day. The following day, we will probably go visit another island for a few hours and then we will catch a boat to Pula in Istria. Hopefully we will be scubadiving!!!! Oh! And I keep forgetting, go to . Its all in Croatian but if you click on the articles, there are tons of pictures of me from the music festival. Im famous in Croatia, you know......first for the festival, now for breaking the world record. Who would have thought?
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photo by: novabelgica