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Hola! Well yesterday, Mar took me up to Guell Park. It is beautiful. She says that its completely overrun with tourists now (which I saw for myself and it helped me understand why the world has animosity towards Americans) but its something I have to see. Walked around, took some pictures, bought some jewelery. Then we walked back to her flat, siesta, eat, blah blah.

I took a side trip to actually see the Sagrada Familia while Mar had some stuff to deal with regarding work. Its very majestic. I met a girl from London who followed me around for a few hours, took the elevator to the top, etc etc. Then Mar and I went to get our nails done.

Im sorry that this entry blows.

Im so tired right now I can barely function. We got all dressed up to go to a disco somewhere off the Ramblas at like 1am this morning. I seriously hate how expensive everything here is. It turns me off from western europe. 6€ for a beer! And this is in a local club too. The disco was all techno which is great but I wasnt feeling the vibe and I was starting to get sick from the beer we bought on the street from a Pakistani. But, I actually met someone who lived in Kona!!! I couldnt believe it, I almost cried. He was originally from arizona but worked at the hilton for 3 months. We were talking about kua bay and hayashis!

Okay, so we left the disco to meet up with Mar´s friend, Ulysse. And walked around, sat, and they drank more till we got home at 730 in the morning. The whole time I was miserable! I dont like how late people stay out. Thats one thing nice about Hawaii; the party stops at 3am at the latest.

So now, its Mar´s mothers birthday. And the rest of her family is coming here for a late lunch. And Im sick. Not hungover and not ill, just tired enough that I feel sick. Ugh. As much as I like experiencing a city as a local person, I miss having a curfew and a schedule like on the EF Tours. Ah well.

Happy Birthday Julia!

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