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Well, I've been back home in Kona for a week now. It's so nice to be home. Really, I appreciate Kona so so so much more now. But, in less than a week I will be moving to Utah for school. It's crazy.....I had to start packing as soon as I got home. I'm all packed out and really am not in the mood to travel anymore, especially alone.

So, some of my friends have been asking me which euro trip did I like more; KHS euro trip '06 or this last trip. In all honesty, I cannot decided because both trips were completely different, even thought they were both in europe. Last year, everything was planned out for me, paid for, and I was with my best friends. It was amazing and so much fun. All fun. No low points for that trip. My solo trip was incredibly stressful. I mean, obviously, I went with the flow alot and just cruised it but the only way things were going to happen was if I made them happen. There were alot of high and low points. But everything turned out just fine and I had a blast.

I love travelling and I love Europe but I think that this will be my last trip over there till I go study in berlin in a few years. The euro is just disgusting to me. But I will definitly return to eastern europe. It's so amazing over there and more than affordable. Romania sounds beautiful. Hopefully though, next summer.........SNOWBOARDING IN CHILE!!!!

So, I want to thank you for reading my blogs. It always made me feel less lonely when I saw how many views I had during my trip. I hope that you enjoyed reading about my adventure and I will keep you posted on my many upcoming travels. Bon voyage! Kona Town.....soon to be Salt Lake City!
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Kailua Kona
photo by: sylviandavid