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Kastel Kambelovac. This beach was two steps out of our front door.
Well, I know that I havent updated in a while so I will try to jam everything in this entry. I have had so much fun. The festival is now over so we have been relaxing and just partying the whole time. It's crazy that this was supposed to be a work camp. I love it. On the 14th, the local boys (gorgeous by the way) took us on three little boats out to an island called Ciovo for the day. It was funny because, we were the only girls and there were literally 30 guys. Apparently, the boys here dont hang out with the local girls. Eh. Anyway, the beach was beautiful and the water was perfectly clear and blue. The guys are insane though, really. They jumped ontop of us when we were tanning and covered us in watermelon. I dont understand if that is a normal Croatian thing or not, but it was pretty random.
We swam in the ocean and danced on the beach and played soccer and all that good stuff. Then they took us to a 20 foot high platform and we all dove off into the sea. On the way back to Kastela, Nicola (my favorite boy), entertained us by dancing on the boat and telling jokes. It was one of the most perfect days. Oh, and two nights ago, all the boys took us up to "The Hill" which reminded me so much of parties in Kona! It was a bbq in the middle of nowhere, with music, food, tons and tons of wine and beer, and an amazing view of all of Kastela, Split, and the other islands. I drank too much wine. Much too much wine. Hah, and I have found myself a husband in Nicola. Hahhaha. Yesterday, we stayed in Kambelovac to recover from the night before.
Kamila (Slovakia) and I.
I needed it, eh. At night, about 4 of us girls and a bunch of the boys went to sleep on the beach. Oh, and in the early evening, there was a very important catholic mass that we went to. I thought it was hilarious that the main people who were participating in the mass were the boys from all the parties and such. Repenting for the night before I guess. Okay, so the best news! I am no longer going to Budapest and Ljubljana. That makes me sad but........I am spending a week in Barcelona! Mar, one of my best friends in the camp, has invited me to stay at her house with her family and explore Barcelona and northern Spain. I cant believe it. It really is such an amazing opportunity. It pays to go with the flow of life. But before we go, we will spend 2 or 3 days in another croatian town of Zadar. I am so excited. Then its up to Germany and then home! Unfortunatly I have bad news. The guy from New Jersey erased all my pictures from my camera. I'm devastated. It was on accident but still it makes me so angry because he was just an jerk about it. Anyway, Nicola :), brought us his laptop last night and we have uploaded everyone's pics and we will burn them to a disc. It's not quite the same, but things will be okay. Okay, time for me to book my flight for Barcelona. Me, Mar, and Sara are in Split today so we will go shopping and for a hike up the Marjan Pennisula. Show me love people!
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Kastel Kambelovac. This beach was …
Kastel Kambelovac. This beach was…
Kamila (Slovakia) and I.
Kamila (Slovakia) and I.
The party on The Hill.
The party on "The Hill."
Nikola and a bunch of other local …
Nikola and a bunch of other local…
Kastel Kambelovac
photo by: Lanafromhawaii