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Just another breathtaking sunset from my home.
Holy crap! In less than a week, I will be off to Croatia for this crazy ass adventure. I still cannot even believe I'm doing this. For months now, people have been asking me if I'm scared and my answer has always been a self-assured "heck no!' Well guess what! I'm scared! I'm scared out of my mind!

This isnt just any ordinary trip. I'm ALL ALONE! I will have no one to rely upon other than myself. I generally believe that people are good by nature. But this is a situation that I really cant trust anyone but me and my instincts. It's quite an interesting challenge that I've set for myself. Who would have thought that at barely 18 (my birthday is two days before I leave) I would be backpacking through anywhere by myself, let alone eastern europe! So, if I wasnt any clearer, Im more than nervous.
I can't say how much I love and appreciate this place.

I was just emailed a list of fellow volunteers that I will be camping and working with in Kambelovac. There are two guys, one from New Jersey and one from Korea. Then there are girls from Sweden, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. All under 30! I'm the baby obviously since I just made the age 18 requirement. But it sounds awesome, doesnt it?!

I was thinking about it today, how in 5 days, my entire life as I've known it for 18 years, will be changed. Not only am I going on this amazing adventure (which I might end up loving so much I dont come back), but within a week of flying back to kona, I move to Utah to start school at the University. I mean, this is it. These five days are all I have left of Lana the high school hippie; Lana the girl who works at Four Seasons; Lana who is too liberal for most Kona people to understand; Lana who wants nothing more than to go to the beach and eat Hayashis; and the Lana who is running down Ali'i Drive on a friday night because there isnt anything else to do.

It's tough saying goodbye. I feel like I've been doing it alot lately. All with the same emotions. Quiting work at Beach Tree was like graduation; I was happy to be out of there, but at the same time, very sad that I wont see the people I've come to love and routine that I've adjusted to. The big aloha will be leaving Kona. I dont know how I'll be handling that one. But now, I'm simply rambling. This is supposed to be a travel blog, not a emo blog!!! Gosh!

Goodbye in the four languages that I must know: Aloha!
Tschüß - German
Zbogom - Croatian
Viszlát - Hungarian
Adijo - Slovenian

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Just another breathtaking sunset f…
Just another breathtaking sunset …
I cant say how much I love and ap…
I can't say how much I love and a…
photo by: sylviandavid