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Central Festival
After such an early morning on Tuesday, I (we) slept in on Wednesday. Aahhh, that was nice. I don't get many mornings of sleeping in with a toddler at home. We spent some time at the pool, had a nice breakfast at the hotel and headed to Phuket Town to do some shopping. Out taxi driver took us to Phuket Central Festival, which is apparently the largest shopping mall in the area. After 90+ degree days and being outside, we agreed that some AC would be nice. It was a nice mall, complete with western style stores and restaurants (even an Apple store!) as well as what seemed like hundreds of vendors in the mall. The same kind of vendors as at the beach, with the same kind of stuff and the same kind of haggling. We knocked out most of our souvenir shopping and then when the husband's eye started twitching from the shopping, we headed out to find some lunch.
Decor in the lunch restaurant in Phuket Town

We *thought* the taxi had brought us right to Phuket Town an we were hoping to walk around. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be the case. The Central Festival is on the outskirts of town and so we needed another cab to get into town itself. We found a little local place where the food smelled good and had some more Thai food for lunch. Seriously, I am loving the Thai food. I also got a Thai iced tea, which I LOVE and can't find anywhere in Kyiv. Then more shopping (I found the most awesome shirt) and next door to the restaurant was yet another spa, so we stopped in for manicures. Of course then we were running late since we had to be back to our hotel to meet the tailor for fittings so we grabbed a quick cab and headed back right in the middle of rush hour traffic.
Little tiny baby bananas...SO yummy and sweet
Of course, it's Phuket, so rush hour isn't much, but still.

We met our tailor, had our fittings and then headed out again. This time to Karon Beach. Karon is on the Western side of the island and South of Patong. There is a lot going on, but it is much quieter and more laid back than Patong. It's my new favorite place. The view is beautiful from the beach, the shopping is good and the people are friendly. I was hoping we'd get there in time for the sunset, but we barely caught it. It was still gorgeous, though. After we watched it set, we walked around a bit and looked for a place to have dinner. We finally settled on a place off the beach where they were grilling fresh fish. We picked out a red and a white snapper and they grilled them right there for us. The fish were stuffed with garlic and they were SO good. I haven't had fresh fish in ages (you never know where the fish in Ukraine has come from) so it was a real treat. After dinner we decided to get a famed Thai foot massage. Massage places are as abundant as tailors and so after we walked off dinner a bit, we found one. We got 1 hour foot massages that also ended up including a head, shoulder and back massage for less than $10,including the tip. After that we were feeling pretty relaxed, so we headed out to find a cab and went back to the hotel.
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Central Festival
Central Festival
Decor in the lunch restaurant in P…
Decor in the lunch restaurant in …
Little tiny baby bananas...SO yumm…
Little tiny baby bananas...SO yum…
Very disturbing Thai baby dolls
Very disturbing Thai baby dolls
photo by: Aclay01