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Good luck learning Buenos Aires… You’d think that you would develop a general sense of direction after 20 years of life. But you thought wrong. Well, when you’re constantly wary of pick-pocketers and the potential of smearing dog poop across the sidewalk, it’s hard to navigate your 40+ minute walk to class…

Might as well take a cab although you’re also afraid that they may take you for a joy ride in the wrong direction to jip you of your money. We have discovered that the taxi drivers are generally nice people; it’s just that they have to etch out a living just like the rest of us and sometimes they get desperate for those extra pesos.  We have discovered that they are one of the best sources for an ‘inside guide’ to Argentina.  They also have varying opinions regarding the different presidents.  So far, two opinions of Kirchner have been collected: 1) maso-meno but politically corrupt and 2) very very good thanks to his ability to perform economic miracles. 


The conversion rate is definitely on our side. Say yes to $6 steaks everyday… except for Jenny who enjoys a $1 plate of noodles thanks to her decision to remain vegetarian in a country that only serves meat. Jenny has perfected her first Spanish phrase: sin carne!!!!!!! (without meat)

We have unfortunately discovered a tremendous mountain of papas fritas (French fries) served at cafe Henri’s where we spend the majority of our time here. They are incredibly addictive. Our cholesterol is doomed, but not our wallets because they are only 3 pesos. (1 dollar)


Argentina has such a tremendous amount of diversity to offer. There is so much more to learn and experience and 5 more weeks here doesn’t seem to be enough time!

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