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okay so last time i was here i was heading to maracus bay it was pretty ggorgeous. the drive up to the beach was like driving up mt.washington you were going up a steep mt. and driving right on the edge. and it looked just like something you would see from the move "the perfect getaway". so i got some shark and yes it was real shark it was breaded and put on fried bread and then i put crazy stuff on it what it was i am not sure but it tased quite amazing. then we headed back to the villa and we went out to queens circle which is the biggest round about in the carriab. it is almost 3mi long. the gang and i got som e food in the circle such as doubles, chicken feet, corn soup, pork, coconut milk sipped fright from the coconut and fresh portugal juice! so flippen good. then yesterday we went and checked out some hindu temples, temple in the sea, san fran. hill, and did a swap boat tour to check out some creatures. i did not get to see an andaconda sadley however i di get to see a boa that was 9ft long, an ant eater, and the native trinidad bird. it was the most amazig site at arond 5pm the native birds all come together to this one group of trees an you see hundreds of these bright beautiful red birds flying around. then for dinner we headed to the woodside cafe which turned into a fun night club however we are not allowed to par take in the activites. i couldnt even sneak away at night because we get locked in our villa when we come back fro the night. oh and i got some amazingly fresh julie mango earlier in the day alog with homemade coconut fruit good. we also ot to try roti yesterday which is just like nan but with crushed chic peas in playered in. i got fresh grapefruit juice with my roti s well that was lightly sweatened ith sugar cane. it is amazing how in the usa to get something so freash and natural you have to pay crazy prices how ever here it is picked right from the tree and put right in your glass.

so coming to today st. patties day, the gang and i worked with FACRP which is a re-forestation project here in trinidad. i thought it was going to he the worst experience ever and that i was going to slave away from 8am to 4pm which i wouldnt mind to volunteer and do but re-forestation is not why i paid to come to trinidad or why i paid to work for the FACRP or why i would waste one of my very few days here but it was a great experience. we got there and we got to learn about the project, eat break fast then, leah and i went out and racked a whole hillshide and prob sweated out 2 gallons of h2o and im pretty sure we are the only ones who actully had to do real labor, then we planned some papya, went for a hike, ate lunch, digested, then did another hike up a river to go swim around and pla in and then we hiked back down the river back to the FACRP tree house. they have leaves here that are the size of dakine heli pro backpacks, i dont think i will be able to get it home. currently the gang is chilling around the villa getting their showers in a storing up energy for dinner at nikki lees house and then hopefully we will fnally get some nice trini ice cream tonight. tomorrow is going to be crazy fun we are seeing abit of the city in the am and then hanging around on a boat for 4hrs on the carribbean sea to go see the two little islands off of trinidad!!! i think it will b my most favorite day yet. and i am not suppost to get a burn or tan because i have a ballet performace a week after i get back but i say screw it now beause im at the equator i want to enjoy the sun even thought i have to say 3 days in and im still as clear as glass aka success!!!!!

and one more thing, im missing the us open, what are the ranks?
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Port of Spain
photo by: Bluenose