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so far the first 48 housr has been very interesting. i got to logan airport and my 1st flight was cancelled then i made a new one and that flight was cancelled as well so my group and i decided to rent a van to drive to jfk in the storm. for for hours i was sitting in an 8inch spot between the seat and the door because well i was a 12person van and there are 13or us and i am the most flexaible lol. we get to jfk around 8:30pm and our trip in then cancelled to trinidad so we have to wait 3hrs in line to rebook so we do and then we have to spend the next 26hrs in termanial 4 of jfk however i have to go to the emergency room. i get to the emergency room at 1am and dont leave till 6am because i had to get urine cultures and blood work dont and had 3 iv's it was quite eventful. it turns out i am pretty sick and i have had a reoccuring infection for a month now. thankfully it only took one great pal, jordan to accompany me on a 50 cab ride to the er in jamacia ny. then the two of us came back o terminal four and since then have been chilling here. we are about to head to our loading zone but we still will have a nother 7hr wait. here we come trinidad!!!!! ...hopfully oh and ironically my doctor from the er was from tinidad and the higest recorded wind speeds last night ere recorded at jfk thy were 75mph winds, yup we were walking aorund in that!
kmwall says:
well im glad your doing ok, are you having fun? how was your hike today? I miss you soo much too!!!! when are you flying back?
Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
kksdancer10 says:
oh kimmie i miss you so much too! you would love it here except for the heat. the fruit is amazing however they do eat so much grain here its way to much for me. but the flight was really short, once we fially got on. and as for the health i am good enough to get me through the week but i have to figure things out when i get back :(
Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
kmwall says:
oh jeezum kaitlyn, i hope you finally have an awesome time and stay healthy! let me know how the flight went and how it is once you get there..miss you so much!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2010
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