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hey everyone i am gettting ready for teh airport. im all packed up and in my nice crew spandex. i am not quite excited yet, once i get the airport i am sure i will be, that way i can feed off of peopls energys. but i am about to make some waffles! and ill let you know how the trip goes. currently i am not pleased with all the things that will be going on in trinidad, such as the kyacking trip with alligators and andacondas has been cancelled because the othere people said "i dont have money" or "money is tight" all i can say is then why are you on this trip. your spending all this money to travel and when you travel you live life even more to the fullest dont worry about numbers, experience everything you can in life when oppurtunities are presented because who never not when you will be given the same chance again. im traveling with a lot of kids in their late teens and twendties and i am one of the few twenty-year-olds who has been traveling around the world since i was pretty young, their newbies and i hope they dont piss and mone because i can not handle that kind of attitude. okay going to eat some waffles and then off to the airport, oh and yesterday i went sbing, it may have been my last time for the season but it was a great day and i already miss the slopes. here i come 8hr layover in JFK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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