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I awakened to a yellow glow coming from the living room….bright yellow. I grabbed a quick breakfast of a protein bar, protein shake, and an oatmeal bar. The grocery store was not open today and these people don’t do breakfast….not really.

I climbed the stairs to the roof deck. The view over the city’s roof was amazing. The sun shined brightly across the Atlantic. The buildings along the street were fancifully colored, some with balconies and some with planters of greenery and flowers. The craggy points of a mountain extend beyond the buildings, into view.

I went out to see what was going on, on this obviously sleepy Sunday. I walked the Calle Perez de Brito and explored the cobbled stone central area. I continued on to the waterfront as many waves were crashing into the sea wall and shooting skyward over it.

What a beautiful and dramatic place. The craggy peaks that I could see from the roof were actually part of the rim of a caldera…wow! It was now mostly covered with green but you could tell what it was.

Just off the waterfront, the miniscule Castillo Principal de Santa Catalina sits. It was built in 1676 on the spot where a previous fortress, built in 1553, which is also where French pirates landed and burned Santa Cruz de la Palma.

I walked down and crossed the river to get a good idea of the city from a distance. I could see a large ship…..mounted on a base within the city area……I went there next.

I could see many families enjoying the ship, a replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship, with their children. There's a 1940 replica of the famous Santa Maria ship; the one that Christopher Columbus set off in 1492 to discover the new world.

It's known locally as El Barco de la Virgin which means 'the ship of the virgin'. Inside, there's a maritime museum that has a fascinating collection of old charts, navigational instruments and a variety of the ships' flags.

To one side of the ship is the Dancing Dwarf stands at Plaza Alameda along a tree lined park area with cafes and benches…..a pleasant spot for a morning stroll.

Plaza San Francisco is quite the treasure trove as it has the Isglesia de San Francisco. It is rich in works of art most of which are from the Baroque period. The artfully carved balcony, where the organ rests, will delight and woodworker who enters.

A central point where many of the streets meet, Placeta de Borrero, even has its own musician from time to time, if you are lucky to find him.

Next, the impressive center, Plaza Espana, was full of people enjoying the Iglesia de Salvador, built at the end of the 15th century. It feels a bit more like a fortress than a place of worship, except for the glittering gold pulpit (1750)
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Upon my return to Santa Cruz, I went to my roof deck and enjoyed a clear evening with my view over the rooftops, looking at the Atlantic Ocean. The air quality is so amazing here that the horizon is so clear that it is startling….really. Its looks like a flat line…….really.

I went across the street for a nice dinner of ravioli with sautéed veggies and fresh shaved parmesan. I had a small bottle of the local wine, to compliment it. It was good but…..really strong!!! It was a good thing that I was only across the street.

I returned to the roof deck and marveled at the moonlit sky ….again, it was sooooo clear!

La Palma is a very interesting departure from the touristy Canaries…..and that’s a good thing.

Santa Cruz de la Palma
photo by: migemartin