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Upon returning to my car and taking the turn heading up the mountain…..the road just kept getting smaller……and smaller. It was quite scary to find yourself with others coming toward you. I could do nothing more than slow to a crawl or stop and let them pass. In some spots there were wider areas that made this passing easier but there weren’t very many and in some cases cars were using those as parking for taking photos.

After a while of ascending….I rounded a corner and the enormity of my task was in front of me. Where I was and where I was going looked to be at the very least, a challenge. I am always up for one but, wow…..I really hoped that it would be worth it.

I continued my slow crawl down, hoping my brakes would hold, I could smell them.  I rounded another corner and found myself face to face with a bus….

a big one, too. That was really scary as I had to be the one to edge closer to the cliffs. I couldn’t believe that we were able to pass each other…..but we did!!!

Many of the stops were filled with cars…but only 4 or 5 were the max of the larger spots. So, I had to keep going and turn around and hope for an open spot. I was lucky a time or two and others…..I just kept going. The views at each of the stops revealed something new and different about the valley.

Upon reaching the village of Masca, the little parking area was full so, I had no choice but to continue on. This gave me the opportunity to get some shots of the village form across the other side of the valley so, no regrets. The landscape is amazing as it is a tropical valley with lush green vegetation, dramatic rock formations, and palm trees growing on the side of the mountain.

It’s breathtakingly beautiful. The pictures taken cannot give you the real feeling of what this hidden gem is like. If feels like millions of years old….and I’m sure it must be.

I returned to find a parking spot!!! So, I was ready to explore.

A little café has been created at the road’s edge to feed hungry tourists or just offer them a drink to calm their nerves.

There was a lady weave straw into hats at the entrance to the basalt stone path down through the village.

A small church was the focal point of the town square. I walked the many levels, steep levels down to the large pointy rock. It’s the kind of thing that looks like it was once where sacrifices took place….ya know.

I hung around and absorbed the peace and tranquility all around me.

As the mist started to make it’s way around the rocks, I could hear birds singing and a rooster crowing. The sounds of nature in a place so filled with the natural…..a wonder to behold.

It was getting late and time to leave. I wanted to reach the lower village of Garachico before heading back to Peurto De La Cruz.

So……up we go! I had the terrible timing of being behind a bus working on his ascent. I had two cars between me and him but….it was still too close. Many, many times he would have to back and turn several times to get around the hair pins. I think if I was in the bus, I would be sick. If anyone planning to visit Masca, reads this, don’t take a tour…..DON’T DO IT! You will lose what sanity you might have.

It took what seemed like an eternity…but we all made it out of the valley and back to Santiago del TIede in one piece.

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photo by: Im_a_local