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I’m not sure if I really slept or not. I kept waking up….afraid that I would oversleep. I woke up a last time at 2:45 and never fell back asleep. I just finally got up at 3:00. I was quietly showered and out the door in 20 minutes. I made it through the maze of doors, hallways, and stairs to find that as I exited the building it was snowing/slushy/freezing rain kind of stuff.

I walked to where Jorge had sent me……found it the first time. There was a problem. The schedule showed that the trams do not begin running until 5:15. Well, that wasn’t going to work. So…..I figured that I would catch a taxi to get me to the train station. It wasn’t far and couldn’t cost that much. I had seen taxis pass as I was making my way to the S-bahn but now…no  taxis….of course!

I walked for a bit in the direction that I thought that the station was but really decided to just stop as I wasn’t sure and could be making things worse.

Soon, I hailed one…maybe 5 minutes. It cost 5 euro 50 and was money well spent. It wasn’t that far but, I would have been soaked and probably lost.

So, I found my gleis, spoor, platform and was even early by 15 minutes. The train came and I was one of only 2 people on it….my kind of train. It was only 10 minutes or so to the airport.

I found my bag drop off and was so happy that I was able to do online check in. I was shocked at how many people were at the airport in Dusseldorf. I was finished with my bag drop in less than 10 minutes.

AirBerlin is pretty organized and so the boarding was peaceful. I had chosen seat 2A so, it would ensure me an easy exit.

I was a bit shocked when the captain announced that the flight was 4 hours 45 minutes….

.I didn’t take into account the extra hour. It due to bad weather, it actually took over 5 hours and we left late due to de-icing so……we were really late arriving.

With such a long flight and being so very tired, after the sandwich (multigrained roll, cheese, butter, lettuce, carrot, and cucumber), I read a bit and then fell asleep for a bit…….a couple of times. I really needed it so, I keep trying for more.

My alarm clock went off ��" turbulence over the Sahara Desert so, I stayed up from that point on. The clouds were ominous and the wind was pushing us…..hard.

Finally when the clouds broke, I could see the Atlantic Ocean and soon, the coastline of Tenerife.

It was a good landing considering the wind , and now rain.

Picking up my suitcase from the baggage area, I noticed that it was completely ripped open along the bottom edge at the back. It has gotten a lot of use and was part of a 3-piece/$99 special at Costco. I miss Costco!  Oh well….what are you going to do, time to buy a new one.

I picked up my car from Autoreisen. So far, I would have to recommend them. They are fast, courteous, and the car was close to the terminal (raining). The only negative, so far, was the fabric freshener that they are using is too strong. I think that with a strong breeze, my family and friends in the states could smell the scent, and be holding their noses.  The car was a Citroen C3, which I’ve previously driven from Monte Carlo to Aix en Provence via St.

Tropez. SO, I was familiar with its operation. I did however forget how slow this thing is. The memory of crossing the massive mountain ranges in the south of France…..putting along, returned..haha.

I found that my Tom Tom had maps for The Canaries so, I brought it with me. I plugged in my destination and off I went.  I hadn’t gotten too far before trouble set in as the GPS was giving me directions that had me circling the airport, not leaving it. I made a decision for myself and Tom Tom re calibrated  and I was finally on my way.

The rain was coming down in buckets so, I really couldn’t see much of the landscape at I made my way to Puerto de la Cruz. The town has definitely been taken over by the package tour set. It’s hard to find its charm and there really isn’t much of it.

It is, however a good spot to find value accommodations to explore the rest of the island from.

I found my “holiday apartment” and checked in. They were quick with registration so I was on my way up to the apartment in a matter of minutes.

When I exited the elevator and walked out the door to the walkway leading to the apartment, I was struck by the beautiful black sand beach and mountains that were my view….amazing.

The apartment was quite large. There was a living room with kitchenette and a small table and chairs that opened to a balcony with table and chair and a view of the mountains. There was a separate bedroom with 2 beds and a decent sized bathroom. It, truly, was a little apartment. Everything was a bit old and dated but, for the price, not a bad deal. I’ve stayed in tiny hostel rooms with shared bath for more than the price of this.

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I made my way back to the car now and headed back to Puerto De La Cruz. I stopped by the apartment briefly to have a snack and then I was off again.

I went down to the beach to get a closer look. The remains of an old fortress have fallen into disrepair and are crumbling at the water’s edge.

The water was still angry from all of the rough weather of the past week. The waves crashed against the shore with the sound of an explosion. I thought I would walk along, at water’s edge, and enjoy my toes getting wet but, I was in for a surprise as one of the angry waves pounded me and soaked me to my waist. I should have seen that coming.

I did get some fantastic shots of the fury unleashing on the rock that were being punished just for being there just outside the shallows.

I walked along and found a great piece of lava rock, all pitted but, worn smooth. I also found some interesting rocks with many different stone colors all combined together with a marble looking glue…interesting. Also, a piece to sea glass, to add to my collection.

On my walk back…as I continue to try and dry, I passed through a park area with may strange and unusual palm tree varieties that I hadn’t even seen at La Ortava. While I was looking them over, I heard a cock ��" a ��" doodle ��" do. Then, I heard it again…..and again. I went in search. I found a group of hens and Mr. CDD, making his presence known. He was a funny rooster and his hens would scatter each time he decided to crow.

Back at the apartment, as the sun was starting to set, the clouds lifted off of the mountains ……the bluest of skies shown above them.

Any finally, looking out at the Atlantic, at the last warm light of the day pressed through the clouds, and artistic display was put on by Tenerife……just for me. Thanks!

While going through my pics, I bore witness to the strangest of “balcony conversations”. I had my sliding glass door open and could hear the people to my left and the lady to my right. The people to the left seemed to be a bit drunk. They started by shouting to the lady……I love Finland! She shouted back …….I love Finland. Now……next was a round of …..I love Norway and then back to Finland and then some discussion of the Nordic region, in general. Now, it became obvious that someone was Norwegian and someone was Finish and English wasn’t a strong language for any of the three but, there was no doubting their love of Scandinavia as they continued on and included Danmark but, for some reason left out Sweden. I was just listening… didn’t ask why. ….too funny!

Time for bed…..or so I thought; I was awakened at 2:00 by a group of people , drunk, slurring their words, loudly. It was so loud, in fact, that I had put my ear plugs in and go sleep on the couch in the living room…..aaarrgghh!!!

Puerto de la Cruz
photo by: Im_a_local