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My trip this month started a day early as my airport of departure was Dusseldorf, Germany. Fortunately for me, my friends Jorge and Murat recently moved from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. So, I was able to be their guest in their temporary living conditions.

So…….I took the ICE to Dusseldorf. Due to the increase in many of the regions occupancy rates from the incident in Brussels. I was told that the promo (cheap seat) tickets were temporarily suspended. So the cheapest seat was now 2 ½ times more expensive than it should be. To make matters worse, in Emreich???, the whole train (full of people) were told to get off and change trains……many angry people. This was not explained online but, Murat told me that they’ve been doing this over the last month, consistently.

I arrived in Dusseldorf around 14:55, only a few minutes later than planned.

Jorge and Murat - such a wonderful couple!
Murat and Jorge were waiting for me, they’re so nice.

They took me back to their quaint apartment right in the center of town. It has many terraces and even a view of the turm from the top one.

After resting a bit, We had a late lunch of pasta and opened up a bottle of cava. I’m always up for cava, and it was delicious!!! We toasted to their new city.

Dreading it but wanting to see a bit more of the city, (I’ve been once before about 3 years ago), we bundled up and headed out to become dussicle pops (haha). Jorge showed me (and Murat) a wonderful tour with knowledge that he has gained at the German class that he is taking.

We walked along the river at sunset with all the others; lovers, families, and groups of tens.

We took a tram down to the turm and Jorge took us to view the Gehry buildings, here. The remind me of the dancing building in Prague but, there are three; one white, one silver, and one brick. They are of fluid design with windows projecting out form it’s corners…..really cool..

A bit more sightseeing and we were ready for some dinner. We took a cap back to the other side of town as the 3 tickets would be more expensive than a taxi…..Amsterdam take note.

We had a nice Italian dinner for a very reasonable price. After dinner, returned to the penthouse apartment. Jorge showed me the way to exit his building from his apartment. This sounds like it should be easy but, even Jorge said it took him two days to get it right as there are too many turns and doors and stairs. It gets confusing.

We relaxed and watched a bit of Olympic ice skating and then off to bed. I had to be up, out and at the airport by 4:30…..OUCH!

Jorge pointed out some breakfast items and made sure I had towels and enough cover……he takes care of me!!! Thank you Jorge! Thank you Murat!

Sleep Brian, sleep!

lauro says:
wahaha i live in düsseldorf :D
Posted on: Mar 13, 2010
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Jorge and Murat - such a wonderful…
Jorge and Murat - such a wonderfu…
photo by: Chokk