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er's book."Still make the kid know, if want to use the other people's thing, will in advance advert ed hardy ise for the other people's approval, after using up return to the other people right away, but can not literally take the other people's thing.Parent can also while usually taking a kid to go shopping ed hardy to buy thing, let the kid realize "not is he or she to spend money to buy of the thing can not take to go home", so, the kid slowly understood what can take, what is can not take of.How to rectify a ed hardy ed hardy clothing d Liu Ping?Just when I whet Dao Dao, eventually didn't decide, the door suddenly opened, Liu Ping's complexion in a glow the station is in front of me."Why don't you come in?""You how can anyone know ed hardy am I at the door?"I hand a wall to step by step go toward inside Ceng."Fire away a telephone, I first-class in the veranda, early see you coming."Liu Ping the voice is exhausted, she stiffly moves a p ed hardy art, and the finger subconscious ground rows to pull on the wall.I walked into room, was already an utterly e ed hardyxhausted.This is a set of old style is two living quarterses, the house inside sets out ver ed hardy y simple and direct, but deeply wear comfort.I hang up the coat of sofa, the whole bodies all fall into, the waist painful leg is also painful, unspeakable suffered on the body.Raise eyes to look arou ed hardy nd, the style of the room together small county city Liu Ping's abode is completely different, could not see one stylish adornment.In fact, the rich of the in this world has no outside 2 kind, a kind ed hardy ed hardyemen gathers together son!"One part Deng Li2 Jun and protection fee(1)We made till evening in Tienanemen on that day many at 10:00, the fans sing and jump, the ground newspaper is full sky of to fly.A ed hardy lot of persons stripped nude arm Gao Chang 《national anthem 》, we finally shout throats all dumb.After getting dark, the fans all went home, we a group of halfs the big kid ride bicycle to round squa ed hardy re to turn, afterwards the police bombed us to go out.After going to school on the second day, the my ed hardy clothing
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n connecting can grow up adults to all become a problem.A kid go to senior high school, accommodati ed hardy on, this can worry to break down the kid's father, isn't another, for kid every day get up a big matter this day.This father still really has a way, oneself can not run the road of more than 30 kilome ed hardy ters to get up from Ye in the bedding the kid every day, this honour but again the Jian huge task handed over to the kid's"rommate", time got up every day is pushed him by the rommate.That father does ed hardy ed hardy clothing ple to satisfy his/her own desire is immoral, not as it should be.The parent should speak by moderate and then serious attitude guide kid at this time why wants to take the other people's thing, then ed hardy patiently tell the kid the truth that can not literally take other people's thing, can discuss with kid:"How do you feel if the toy that you like is missing?Will be sad is be not?"The letting the kid ed hardy know to own behavior brought other people inconvenient and annoyed, and request a kid to took back the somebo ed hardydy else to the thing in time.Time of tooking back the parent had better accompany a kid to ed hardy go together, can deepen education to the kid again in this process.Tell a kid:"No matter when, as long as you took not to belong to your own thing, have to send back it."Worthy of pointing out BE, if ed hardy parent just on discovering kid's this circumstance, condemn he is the thing that"steal"ed other people and even took in to beat and scold, the sense of pride that can hurt a kid, usually made him conn ed hardy ed hardyect the courages of tooking back the thing to all have no.Therefore, for protecting the kid's sense of pride, parent at and kid's confabulation, slicing can not use "steal a thief" to wait phrase lang ed hardy uage, but want to use to"take away", "take" a phrase like this to replace.3.Help a kid establishment ownership idea.The parent taught the dissimilarity of the thing of thing and oneself that the kid i ed hardy dentified other people since the childhood, can usually tell him:"This toy that is you.""That is fath ed hardy clothing
more walk by going to more have no confidence, with walk down the street don't fasten belt.I fully ed hardy stood for three minutes at apartment doorway in Liu Ping, the some times wanted to stretch hand to knock on door, but always didn't dare.There is an origin writing a rightness of men and women becomin ed hardy g enemies because of the love, forget all past quarrels after several years, but again don't strive for noodles, just letter friendly intercourse until eventually go, that whether suit me fine more an ed hardy ed hardy clothing rge.When adult wiped nasal discharge for kid, the action had to be light, the in order to prevent causes the kid's bad impression.Kid's parent of 1-year-old half should remind that he wipes nasal disc ed hardy harge with the handkerchief.2, the 3-year-old kid learn to wipe nasal discharge with the handkerchief at any time in response to he or she.The parent should frequently speed up and much guide, many te ed hardy rminology speeches encourage a kid and make the kid develop a good hygiene habit gradually.Achieve whole life ed hardy be used to the habit of own affair do-it-yourselfThe life takes care of ~ for oneself abil ed hardy ity, is also the good habit that oneself manages his/her own life.The academic association deals with his/her own life, is a child in the process of acculturating in a link of indispensability.Not a f ed hardy ew primary schools living, because of on the life from parents"wrap to beat world", 6-year-old kid's shoelace spreads to fasten, nasty must keep crying;The 9-year-old kid can't wear clothes and make t ed hardy ed hardyo be an underwear the joke of jacket;The 10-year-old kid wants the mother to feed rice ……Under this"green house effect", child because the Jiao spoils but self-will, flimsiness, pursue to enjoy, lack ed hardy 't forget, take off some unusual phrase sentence, affairs to record.Bright have already accumulated Zan now five notebooks, the card also accumulated Zan not a few, all closely write full word.A great ed hardy independence and overcome difficult courage and ability.The kid like this can hardly become just, eve ed hardy clothing
telephone, the Duo cringes the appearance of Suo.Silent!Oneself only pants of shout noise of shout ed hardy ing, visit Yi in the vast desolate sky along with the electric wave, and electric wave of another on carrying, that loves oneself and once harms own women is also pausing for breath, I am in the momen ed hardy t and unexpectedly the tears that Liu Ping's pain and sufferings sobs to copy, the ear is a Se Se but under of the tears once rowed the voice of cheek.Silent is in the world creation the most mysterio ed hardy ed hardy clothing us voice, it can make the love degeneration of engraving the bone become the old grudge of Ming heart as well as at hate of moisten loving flower bud in ruins.Silent pole's going to is a tooth to ligh ed hardy tly bump a shot voice, is the tidewater of thoughts and feelings to drown language of of helpless, is I the finger at the moment already tiny numbness."Where are you ?"It Be feel like to jump up for a ed hardy century for several minutes.Liu Ping the voice at the moment is also silent part."Where do you live?""I rent ed hardyed apartment in the west suburb-""He is metal gray face, a push away I.The righteousness ha ed hardy s never returned to attend to ground to walk, the figure gradually condenses into a black mark in the cope of night-probably a paragraph of life now ended, but I easily must want to put a cachinnation ed hardy .Easy?True of easy, very poor of felling quite good, can't concern about again at least what.I press lover, husband and kidses all the weighing scales of life up, and weighing scales of another a carr ed hardy ed hardyy is that the content is hundred percent, the strange burst of color Fen presents of gold, today just discover originally I also press I to weighing scales up-"The elevator door slowly closes, I feel ed hardy that my own heart also followed to close, then five internal organs six stomaches fierce undergrounds sink.Regret, really want to escape, basically don't should come, dry what?BE forgive her formely s ed hardy till added some new old grudges again?Footstep while coming out elevator the excrescent difficulties ed hardy clothing
heart-broken felling at all, is oneself to dig out heart to throw to make the owner for dear life t ed hardy o trample on the ground, trample a ground of blood.He walked and dided not see my one eye at all while walking, even the judges all sighed tone.But I is in the role in the affairs, in addition to husb ed hardy and who all clear, admire!That arrives a husband not clear?That time I what full brain think is in the future how compensate him, but forgot now he-""I also walked, the hard bottom heart came not to r ed hardy ed hardy clothing ealize crying and screaming of Ping Ping.He also has already felts sick of to ignore with each other of life, together in addition to occasionally embracing Ping Ping to soliloquize, what have never d ed hardy one as well-I?The ex- road is boundless, boundless can not measure.Will the square road comprehend?The ghost knows!Even how can the matter that oneselfs can not comprehend seek for other people to com ed hardy prehend again-"Fifth part a man of the hour(35)I finally dialed the novel last page of cellular phone number ed hardyand soon then heard Liu Ping acquaint with of, the voice of just a little some metal sort t ed hardy one rings out in the telephone."Which are you ?"I long take a suck at spirit, flurried medium want unexpectedly don't arise from F should say what, even connect the intention making a phone call to al ed hardy so forget."What is the row?Who are you ?"Liu Ping's voice still lightly touches to please the ear such as the loadstone, probably years for she with added some Cangs cool feeling, can I listen to come ed hardy ed hardy but the entirely different taste is in the at heart.Spread a shouting of strain pant voice in cellular phone, I also followed to urge atmosphere."BE-is a square road?"Connecting down to would be is s ed hardy ilent and last long of silent.I raise a telephone to depend in the corner of wall, in the moment is a street, but what can not see either.Each persons who walk over is all vice- deadly pale faces, eac ed hardy h cars that open over the teratism in the science fiction movie.I even can imagine Liu Ping to hold a ed hardy clothing
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