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We were off on time 6am, we all were excited at what we may see today. The sun started to rise a beautiful sight, especially seeing the hot air balloons drifting across. It wasn't long before it was light and sunny and the temperature got warmer allowing us to take off our extra layers. There was no radio activity yet, but we found a Lion den right on the side of a track we had taken, we were within 4 metres! Emah got on his radio and soon other vehicles started to arrive. We watched for quite some time and discovered that there were 3 females in there. One that was tagged got out, stretched and wandered off into the long grass. The other 2 soon did the same and then we thought that we saw more movement, yes we had there were 3 cubs too! Time to move on to find if we could Leopard.
We drove all over but no sign of Leopard, only Buffalo, Zebra, Elephant, and Hippos. Soon Emah was hearing something on the radio and swiftly turned around and was going at high speed. There must be a sighting of Leopard or something special, he was on a mission! We got to a spot where a few vehicle were just leaving, they had seen a Leopard and pointed out the direction to us. We stopped and waited, scanning all around to see if we could spot him. We were all looking in the same direction then we heard a whistle behind us, a Leopard was walking on the dusty track towards us, but it wasn't long before he went into the long grass again. Within a few minutes a Karacal came out of the grass too. On our way back to camp we saw more Lion under a tree not far from our camp.
Our brunch was ready, a tasty quiche with chips. It was then time to pack up leave the Seronera pubic camp and set off to the gate for our 24 hours would be up soon. We were so lucky seeing all that we had, even luckier again whilst travelling, our cook noticed another Leopard lay in a tree, then 2 male Lions were just lay on the side of the road, again we were within 5 metres! We has another 3 hour trip to our next camp which was on the top of the Ngorongoro Crater. The toilets and showers were the best of the 3 camps we had stayed at and all were able to take a shower whilst light and have a wander in day light. I walked and took some pictures of some paw prints in the muddy dried puddles. Our drive told us that we would have an early start again the next morning and also not to have any food or sweet smelling things in our tents that night as there are bush pigs that will try to get in the tents after it.
Emah looked at the prints that I had photographed and was sure it was a Jackal or Hyena. There were quite a few people at the camp site and we all had our food in a converted old cow shed, after a while someone noted a Buffalo sniffing around some tents, we were advised that if we needed to go to the toilets in the night to shine a light into their eyes and we should be ok, but usually they would be gone soon. We went to bed early for another early start, I had a tent to myself and the others were sharing in 2's. It was cooler again so had an extra layer over me, I soon drifted off to sleep listening to a group signing around a camp fire that they had made.... Aargh!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!! I woke suddenly something was trying to get into my tent.
Was it him who tried to enter my tent!? Look close at his horns!
It all happened so fast but felt like a lifetime. The swishing of a Buffalo tail had touched the side of my tent I could hear it chomping on the grass around my tent. My scream had startled it and as it turned a horn poked into the tent. I must keep still and quiet, I moved into the middle of the tent and reached for my mobile. What use is my mobile 999 or 112 ain't gonna work here. I could hear it still close and some others talking that I had obviously woken by my scream. I sent a text message to my husband telling him what had happened and that I was scared it may attack or trample me to death, and that I loved him very much. It was 11.30pm, would I make it into the next day?
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Was it him who tried to enter my t…
Was it him who tried to enter my …
Leopard in the tree
Leopard in the tree