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Nipa Hut in front of the beach in Ocean 101

Finally my much awaited trip to Siargao came. Aboard Cebu Pacific off we go with connecting flight via Cebu. Currently this is the only airline here in the Philippines that fly directly to Siargao. Another option of reaching Siargao is via a Ferry from other places like Cebu, Surigao or Butuan. The flight from Manila to Cebu takes more than an hour and so is the flight from Cebu to Siargao. Overall the flight was a breeze with flight attendant entertaining us with games such as “Give Me” and “Name that Tune”. Too bad I suck at remembering lines in songs that I didn’t win any of the prizes given out. Upon arrival we were greeted by our contact person who took us on another 45 minutes of travelling through a van to Ocean 101 in General Luna where we will be staying. General Luna is where the famous surfing spot coined as Cloud 9 is located and the good thing is it just right in front of the resort.

After we settled in our room, we ordered for lunch and requested that we ate in one of the Nipa hut just in front of the beach. The food wasn’t that great but the view was really really nice. We didn’t plan for anything to do on the first day so we just spent our time walking on the beach and taking some pictures. The waves aren’t that huge since its summer but you will still see both locals and tourist surfing.

Siargao is a very laid back place so if you’re looking for a party scene this isn’t the place to be. This is the place where you’ll see people resting in a hammock or just lying under a tree sleeping or reading a book enjoying the tranquility of the place. Away from the bustling life in the city this is truly what I call a vacation.  Locals and tourist alike woke up early just to catch some waves and after than off they go to rest and wait for the nightfall to come. At night there are a few bars to go to actually I just know two Niner Bar and 101 Bar. I’m not sure though if there are more. But on our first night we went to Siargao Inn to try their famous Wipe Out and Mango Mucho and it was really really good.

Next day is scheduled for Sohoton Cove and island hopping, so very early we took a two hour boat ride to Bucas Grande. It was so far and the waves were huge that the boat ride was both boring and very uncomfortable. There are only a few things to do in Sohoton. Hire a boat man who will paddle a kayak like boat and take you to the lagoon where you get to see and swim with stingless jelly fishes. But since it isn’t the season for jelly fishes yet, our guides had to dive and search for these cute little fellas and show it to us. We brought our snorkels but there weren’t much fishes or corals to see. It’s amazing how the locals can swim so deep in the water with just improvise plastic fins. Another thing to do is we got to visit these caves and actually go in once the tide is low.

View from Cloud 9 viewing deck
In one of these caves, the only way to get out once you go in is to jump off a cliff into the water. It wasn’t that high but it scared me to the point that I have to ask the guide to give me a little push (LOL). Day two took us an entire day and it was so exhausting that we were too tired to go the bar and miss the benefit dance which they call “Bayle”.

Day three is my favorite. This is where we got to try surfing. We’ll never leave without trying, after all this is what Siargao is famous for. Early morning the locals whom we hired to teach us came and so the fun begins. After the basic lesson on the shore off we go to water where the wave breaks with me lying on my surf board (trying to paddle) while my instructor (Loloy) drags it. It was really so hard paddling against the wave, I don’t think my surfboard’s moving at all. And then came a wave, as Loloy pushes my surfboard telling me to paddle and then stand on the board, there I was riding my first wave in Siargao triumphantly balancing myself beaming at my friends. I have tried surfing on my own too without Loloy pushing the board although he still have to choose which wave to ride and he still had to drag me back otherwise it took forever for me to go back cause I still struggle to paddle against the wave. It was a start of a two hour surfing session and another one in the afternoon. It was a good day, the sun was perfect although it rained a bit and the waves were awesome.

I wished I could have stayed a lot longer but it was just a four day vacation and it is over. Maybe one day I’ll come back and hope I get to watch the competition. See pro surfer surfs it up.







gujice says:
Hi Jaci! You'll need to hire a boat to take you to Bucas Grande. It's quite far but it's really nice.
Posted on: Jan 04, 2011
jacigurl says:
Hi, I'll be in Siargao for 4 days end of this month, do you have to hire a boat for yourself to go from Gen Luna to Bucas Grande? Or is there a regular boat that travels back & forth? thanks
Posted on: Jan 03, 2011
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Nipa Hut in front of the beach in …
Nipa Hut in front of the beach in…
View from Cloud 9 viewing deck
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