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Went to Brazil and Argentina June to September and missed the whole summer. Hoped to get a tan before the temperature dropped down.  But except that I didn't expect much from Namhae resort. A luxuary golf resort I went with my parents couple times. But the trip turned out to be a bliss.

I went with Toby, and he was the most perfect companion. He brought collections of CDs for the trip, his own compilation. Among them, Kings of Conveniece, Bell & Sebastian, Boys noise, Digitalism, Habla con ella, Carla Bruni, etc. He has really good taste in music, books, food and fashion. Well, I guess in everything.

It took us about 8 hours and I drove and he did the DJing. Every time the scenery changed, he would accordingly play music to reflect it. We pulled stops at all the Food Courts along the highway to try diffrent Udon, so we  drove through the night and TB played Boys Noise and Digitalisms and a few other elect tunes to keep me up.

At the resort, There were like 4 rooms, so we each  had a room. We had completely opposite bio schedule.  Me getting up at 6, or 7 in the morning due to jetleg and would play either Carla Bruni and Habla Con Ella and lie down on the lawn to tan and read.

Then Toby would get up around noon or 1pm and have  breakfast/lunch and I'd eat some more fruits w him then we'd lie down to tan and read together. Then around dusk, we would drive out to the prettiest rice fileds to find "Hoi" which is raw fish fillet sliced  like,  Sashimi.  

I resolved to make this trip healthy so we stuck to  no carb menu. We took a huge watermelon,  a box of yellow mellons, Grapes, and pears. We ate lots of fruits for breakfast and lunch and then Namhae being the sea side,  fish for dinner. I had doubts whether Toby could stick to this but he did. I found some Ramen on the cupboard, but didn't tell him. When he saw them as we were packing, he let out a cry and said he couldn't believe my contrivance. But a few months later he thanked me tellig me he felt really healthy and dropped a few pounds after the trip.  

What I loved most about  this trip was my private morning  hours.  I'd play Habla con ella and have watermellon and yellow mellon for breakfast looking out the incredible scenery of calm blue ocean meeting the green lawn.

And the perfect moment where we drove out to look for a swimming beach, passing through green fields with growing rice, cucumber and garlic. The mild  but bright September sun shone, and  with Kings of Convenience in the backgound, smelling the greens, we were so chilled and relaxed.  One of the very few moments I was free of anxiety and was truly able to enjoy the moment.  Everything was so beautiful and I was so content, just couldn't ask for more.  Really, a bliss.

And I thought at that moment -  I traveled far and wide for that elusive perfect spot of beauty. but haven't found one. Seen some beautiful places but they were never perfect.  Paradise is, in the end, where I can truly relax with a good friend.

jpchoi says:
seems like a nice place.. was the resort pricey?
Posted on: Feb 26, 2011
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photo by: tgd