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My flight from San Francisco, California to Moscow, Russia, was one of patience and wonder. Leaving California on a rare winters day. The rain poured and the wind gust along the landing field of San Francisco. My flight was Lufthansa. Not my usual airlines, but happy just to be boarding. My quality of airline is top notch, and Virgin Atlantic in the past has spoiled me greatly. Getting to my economy seat on the Lufthansa flight. I liked where they had placed in. You see I am 6'4 in height, and in need of leg room. Thanks to Lufthansa I had the emergency exit,with all the leg room I could enjoy. My only problem, was no entertainment for eleven hours. They had nothing but a small tv for everyone to share.

I am use to the Virgin Atlantic quality of 100 movies, 50 tv shows, 1000 cd's, the works. Lufthansa had none of this, and they pride themselves of a safe journey. RUBBISH!!!!!! What a cop-out. By law every airlines needs to be safe. This bothered me for the entire flight. The food quality was also rubbish compared to Virgin Atlantic.


Finally after the bad flight of no entertainment. I landed in Frankfurt, Germany. Only one hour between flights, and that suited me. I wanted to be in the air, and in Moscow to be with my girl. Who I plan on asking her hand in marriage once I arrived, or atleast within the first week of my visit in Moscow. The German security check was slow, and rubbish. Once again Germans being slow, with no attention to details. After waiting in the long tedious line of German security.

I mad it to my gate with one ten minutes to spare. From the gate I traveled in a bus loaded with Russian citizens. Many coming home from the Olympic games in Vancouver, Canada. I could tell many where athletes happy to be going home to mother Russia. Once again another Lufthansa flight. Thank goodness this flight is only three hours. This time the seats were leather and first class style.

Once I arrived in Moscow. I was pleased to be surrounded by rude Russians banging into me, and puching eachother aside. Coming to the security checkpoint. Four girls manned the station. Placing my passport on the table, they looked towards me and asked. "Where are you living in the United States?" I answered. "California." With a chuckle and a smile from the girls, I was allowed entry into Russia. Going through the gate I could see my girlfriend waiting for me. I passed the people and walked stright for her. Hugging her with a tight embrace. We eventually walked past all the taxi drivers begging for a fare, and met with our private driver. From there I was now headed to my girlfriends flat (apartment). The smell of oil, and gas, the fumes of the cars. The sardine can flats rising a mile high. All a shock of a country in disrepair. I knew from that day I was either in trouble, or going on a grand adventure.....................

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photo by: eefab