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So we left our placement - Blue Diamond school this morning. It was stressful and sad =( We did an assembly to say goodbye to all the students yesterday which was cool, even though it styarted raining half way through (aparently India was crying becayuse we were leaving lol) and then have a nice evening with the Thapas, had some whiskey and nibbles, and a good chat (managed to figure out a few things and smooth over the past!) And decided that we would get the bus down to Siliguri at about 10am.
Woke up this morning to be told that because of a landslide (heavy rains - cylinder truck went over the hill!) there would be no buses and that we were to go to Kurseong and then get a taxi from there via Rohini...annoying but not soo bad.
20 mins later all the kids were shouting about it being a holiday - wtf?! Aparently some police in Kurseong had hit some small children or something and therefore a strike had been called - no school, no transport, no leaving!!! Called Elf and Cassi -0 they managed to get stuck in a landslide aswell! Eventually after getting a letter from a village elder and squeezing into a random families taxi to siliguri we went!
Got to Siliguri, it's not too hot which is nice! Had a nice lunch in a random street resturaunt and hoping to fix up Elf and my trains later - should be fun!!! Also having to start to actually budget myself, which is also going to be interesting!! =P
Anywho! Just to let ya know where I am and how all is!!! Off to Delhi on SAt/Sun - might get to see KAte and Cassi and Kates friend there, and maybe do a cookery course!! Mrs Apcar (stokey tutor) also said we should visit her best friend from way back in Delhi, which should be fun!!! CAn't wait to properly start travelling!
Sad that I've left blue diamond for sure, but i think it was the right time - and it wasa good goodbye =) no hard feelings about anything! Gave all the children certificates and an eclair, and at regal academy we gave out photos of each child an eclair and a bangle =) was pretty sweet! Am going to miss Verns (berns) and caysap loads - they kept asking when we were going to be back - heartbreaking!! But onwards we  go!!! Newho!!! TAke care all xxxx
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photo by: cmgervais